True Victims of Opioid Crisis Starting to Rebel

The True Victims of the Opioid Crisis Are Starting to Rebel (after 3 years of silence) – by Michelle Cohen Marill – May 2019

I find this word choice curious, “starting to rebel” when we’ve been screaming bloody murder for three years.

Twenty years ago, easing pain was the mission and opioids were the method.

Yes, because they worked. Everyone seems to forget that.

Pain became known as “the fifth vital sign,” as important as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate, and hospitals and clinics routinely asked patients to rate their pain.

And now, just asking about pain and treating it is suspected to be “peddling heroin pills”. 

In 1999 the Oregon Board of Medicine even declared that “clearly documented undertreatment of pain” was “a violation equal to overtreatment.”

At pain clinics, the best results came from offering a range of treatments, including physical therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. But insurance was more likely to pay for the simpler pharmaceutical path.

They should fix this issue with the insurance companies, requiring them to cover alternative treatments for those who find them effective, before taking away the pain relief patients have achieved with opioids.

Also, if people are to remain “abled” they will need to spend 8 hrs a day working. Even if insurance covers it, where are they supposed to find the time for repeated ongoing treatment sessions during business hours?

I’m lucky that I had flexible hours which gave me the time to try out chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapist. But realistically, I could not have attended such sessions on an ongoing basis – my job would not tolerate it.

The drop in opioid prescriptions might be a sign that the crackdown on abusive use is working. It also might reflect the plight of chronic pain patients who suddenly find it hard to get the prescriptions they’ve been using to help them get through the day.

One in four cancer patients have had trouble getting their pain medication because a pharmacist refused to fill the prescription, even though the drug was in stock

Suicides are rising among people with chronic pain, according to a 2018 analysis of National Violent Death Reporting System data. Halting opioids suddenly also can lead to cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks, according to Michael Schatman, director of research and network development at Boston Pain Care and editor in chief of the Journal of Pain Research.

“Pain patients have been abused,” says Schatman, who advocates for a middle ground on the use of opioids. “I believe that it’s genocide of people with chronic pain.”

That’s the depressingly real truth.

It is a new civil-rights issue, says Claudia Merandi, a retired court reporter with severe Crohn’s disease. “When you take away a person’s right to live a humane life, what else would it be?”

Perhaps the most powerful support comes from pain experts.

But no one in charge is listening to them.

The public, government agencies, and law enforcement are only listening to the recovery community’s spokespeople, like A. Kolodny.

In March, a group called Health Professionals for Patients in Pain wrote to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urging the agency to respond to the “widespread misapplication” of its 2016 Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.

Patients were [and still are] being forced to taper off opioids and were subjected to unnecessary suffering, they said. The letter was signed by more than 300 health professionals, including three former US drug czars.

On April 9, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that suddenly decreasing dosage or halting opioids in patients who are dependent on them could lead to “serious withdrawal symptoms, uncontrolled pain, psychological distress, and suicide.”

The next day, the CDC director clarified that the agency’s guideline, which recommends against high doses of opioids, applies to the initiation of opioid treatment and not to patients who have been stable in long-term treatment.

Yet chronic pain patients say many doctors have already stopped prescribing opioids. They fear scrutiny from the Drug Enforcement Administration, state medical boards, or even their own health institutions

Sean Mackey, chief of the Division of Pain Medicine at Stanford University, was initially reluctant to enter the fray over opioids. “I prefer to avoid this space because there is so much emotional rhetoric and anger and attacks flying both ways,” he says.

“I just want to focus on pain, the research and clinical care of people in pain.”

Well, too bad.

You can’t keep your head buried in “research” when patient welfare is threatened.

You can’t do proper “clinical care of people” when politicians are trying to force you to stop providing effective pain relief (which is almost the definition of “clinical care”).

But he felt compelled to speak out against what he calls “a social experiment on a large part of the most vulnerable population.”

I suppose it’s better late than never, though I’ll never understand those three years of silence from these folks.

Mackey wrote a letter warning that forced tapering poses significant harm without any evidence of safety or effectiveness. It was co-signed by more than 100 pain and addiction experts and patient advocates.

People of good conscience need to step up and say ‘No, this is wrong,’” he says.

Really? What was he doing during the last three years? Did he just now develop the conscience that should have compelled him to protest immediately?

On May 16, after an independent review found little evidence to support the alternative treatments or the tapering, HERC backed off of the proposal. It stopped requiring people with back and neck pain to taper off opioids and decided to revisit that coverage issue next winter.

So they think this proper medical care needs revisiting next winter. They will never just admit they were wrong – that doesn’t happen in politics or, apparently, in medicine.

Johnna Magers of Indianapolis, organizer of the June protest outside CDC, wants people to think about the lives that are threatened by the loss of access to opioids. “The rest of America better wake up,” she says.

“Because you are one accident away from being a chronic pain patient.”

Ah, we can only hope…

25 thoughts on “True Victims of Opioid Crisis Starting to Rebel

  1. brucespoint

    Evidently I get a little intense when talking with Drs, trying to get them to do their Job, & Pain Clinic personnel who are delicate little flowers, when telling moi, for the Dr, head of the clinic who will not face me yet, that NO med adjustments or Suggestions for Pain med adjustments will be forthcoming, get their fee fees hurt when that minion delivers the news like I should Thank the Dr for being so wise. A clinic I’ve been dealing with since 2007, newly arrived in town with a head injured wife, drove thru a Moose@90kph nearly, bout 55mph in 2006, I melded w/Moose, she got the Much harder dashboard, air bags never triggered, because sensors in bumper, which never touched the Moose, cleaned it until 3/4ths the way up hood. If the airbags had gone off, we both would have lost our heads, held more upright, as the roof tore loose drivers side top corner, swept past moi, then planted itself in Wifely’s seat back. How I got moose, not roof I’m still trying to puzzle out. Did a 17 year refresher P.M. course there, run by this Dr, whom I grilled in the classroom because he had just attended classes on alternatives for Neuro drugs & Fibro(I was diagnosed@Fibro in 1996, by the Rheumy who ran the Scripps-La Jolla McDonald Pain Management program, likely one of the 1st males ever diagnosed@time, a Very new Dx@time, to my knowledge.) I was the Only Pt in that run of the program that Never got a consult with him, & years later he branded me a Liar, for saying I’d encountered him there, when I keep Records! His name on the Weekly schedules, each week of a 12 or 16 week program. Brought that up via my family dr, he’s been hiding from me ever since, program not calling when said they would, for scheduled outpatient programs… Oh, We’ll get you in the next one… Crickets, & Only game in town. This article, stating 3 years. For twice that long, I’ve been gently trolling, looking for a fellow pain pt, to save up some Fently strips, so I/We, can look them in the eye in the lobby of the CDC/DEA, as we do the Buddhist monk flight of essence, in a way that could Not be ignored.
    I Left the States in 2005, after marrying an English, Special Ed Teacher who had just take a High School Spec Ed w/multiple complications all the way thru to grad, taught them what the needed to know for life IRL, my job working with clients, Life Skills Instructor, favorite Job title eVah!
    Job title since Mr Moose too, after 13 years, finally getting the Woman I married back, tho still disabled when tired, looses vision, cause Cranial Nerves/broken face/even “Mild” Head injuries are forever, even more so than spines, which never forgive an insult.
    They Finally have a hopefully braver new Dr, to supplement Dr Coward, seen once already, no offer but call me later, which I’m ready to do this week, fingers crossed. Not asking for major dosage jump, just conversion of PRN amount of 4 Percs@20mg, into my 60mg Oxyneo, getting the benefit of a Much better delivery profile, because the percs wake me up begging for more if I take them@bed, & the Tylenol Empathy thing, LAST thing I need is less of That!
    Made my living 1st 36 years till injured working Outdoors, on the Ocean a decade, terrestrial the next decade after blowing knee in M/C accident, lifelong rider, & could no longer pull anchor on Charter boats, nor deal with the endlessly moving deck. Was in the best shape of my life when injured, Never a violent person, strictly raised to turn the other cheek, bullied mercilessly growing up in a small town, till I finally learned to Slapo fight, cuz Boxer Tommy Hearns, if old enough to remember, & I share the exact same body measurements as him@top of game, had the reach to reach out & touch someone, w/out their ability to Touch moi, till a football center, from my Church, tried me, & ended up flailing his fists on the ground, crying. That, is the Only instance in my life where I was obliged to get Physical. Could not punch another human w/out pulling the punch!
    I did develop the 1,000 yard stare bit, to let peeps know if they went there, would mark them for Life, lil chicano roosters out shouting Carre Combate at every potential dance partner.
    But I Scare Drs???
    Did once, not long ago. Canada, a Civilized Country, unlike its neighbor to the South.
    Death with dignity, turns out to be a two edged sword, Doctors do NOT want to be the reason for a patient choosing assisted dying, go figure!
    That’s what it took to get back to Half my dosage, 120mg=TiD 40mg Oxy, cus that crap Never did last 12hrs! The Oxyneo totally unnoticeable to me, cept I can Move better. Never, since being put on it while spending 2&1/2 weeks in Cardiac Intensive Care, flown South to Hamilton for two stents, 2 temp pacemakers, & perm one, after flatlining 3 times, thouroughly killed my Widowmaker, but it wuz a sneaky lil bugger, fooling them 2x, Dr unplugged me the last time before perm PM put, just to make sure. Dropped like a dishrag as soon as switched of, everytime, no hosannas/lights/angels/life flashing before eye B.S.
    Dead, is OFF. Life is On. All there is to it, not even a comfortable place, just Off/Ded.
    Big disappointment after a lifetime of preparation for that moment, looking Forward to it whilst living in a Pain Economy???
    Death is the easiest way out, too good for the peeps that hurt moi!
    But Jail would be death for certain, for a CP pt.
    In a nutshell, why we decided to stay in Canada, instead of both taking offered Jobs in SoCal, where I’m native since 1850s. Not a doubt why I’m still Alive, Canada saved my Assets, my stock in trade, me. Just got my Pacemaker replacement after 12yrs service, a trooper. In 2008, a working machinist in New England Died, because he had a work injury after getting pacemaker, could not get insured work, needing Battery replacement on his pacemaker. Tried getting Loans/Begging, Didn’t work, He Died, for lack of not a new surgery, just maint on what had already been installed.
    Has my Country Always been this Callous?
    His Sister was PiSSED, it helped get Obama elected, but, can That happen again?
    One of many reasons I have not been down south since 2008, what would have happened if I was in the States for HA? Endless debt, likely to the tune of a half mil for equivalent care, that I paid ofv 100&CDN a month until getting a payout, small, but big enough to pay my 60,000$CDN Bill off, with enough left over to pay off the 50 acres in Canoe Country we bought with a monthly disability payment, & a brother from another mother of my wife gifting a 5,000$ down payment, Hoping to open a Sanctuary for Head Injured & Pain Puppets of various persuasions. I KNOW how build a safe enviorment for them, & the prop & area are a little slice of Heaven for this 4th gen Desert Rat. Ha, what triggered the HA put the kabosh on that, now just trying to get to Living out there, w/very little help to be had, all my lifelong buddies I had to help me out on this project I’d been planning even before work injury, are now all dead. Gettin Olderr sux that way.
    But the Black Dog that bit me after HA, has finally left them room.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Thanks for a very interesting story – what a life (and death) you’ve had!

      Yes, in the US, everything is only about money now and it’s getting progressively worse. So many people are declaring bankruptcy due to “surprise” medical bills that even Congress, that bloated sloth, is starting to look at the situation.

      Living remotely in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I also worry about hitting the deer that are everywhere and like to graze right next to the road. Perhaps it’s good that the roads are so curvy that I can’t drive much over 40mph. Sounds like Mr. Moose was trying to jump over your car when you hit him :-)

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      1. brucespoint

        Nope, standing there in a section of rare 4 lane on the Trans Canada just west of Nipigon@Black Sturgeon Creek, 11:30pm, June 4th 2006. Prime time for clocking the Last Megafauna left on the American Continents, like he Owned it. He Did, for thousands of years, before Humans arrived here whilst Europe was still covered in Ice. Black Fly time, air doesn’t move well In a forest, he was getting away from the Biters, didn’t even Look@us, thank God, I would have gotten the Horns if he had. Last two weeks in may, 1st two in June, contienent wide, 11pm-1am prime time for Moose collecting, in something that does not Compute, for Mr. Moose.
        Same spot on hwy, 5 previous accidents, on this guys front lawn, since he’d moved there to run a Canadian Tire that was local. It was a trip, all written up afterword, because in extremus, I Could Write, only that till then
        Local folk, same I’m now melded w/Alces Alces.
        He Gave my the Best Chiro adjustment eVah!
        Was able to stop Desepramine, which had been the Only thing to unplug moi from the wall socket, but gave me Writers Block from Hell. Tried every year to taper down, back into the wall socket once hitting half dose@75mg. Mr Moose fixed that, I cannot complain, I was dying, spinal stenosis making dropping anything I picked up likely, weakening me terribly, was on the brink of ending it, after meeting the Love of my Life, Total match, who became the patient I swore Never to Marry. Saying never is Dangerous, red flag to the Bull of the Universe, named Murphy.
        Good News, is she’s Back, after scaring the Crap out of me, tail end of 5 sibs, never married till 48 yrs old, cuz Life. Had talked online off & on for 7 years before meeting in IRL.
        It means sumptin2moi.


      2. brucespoint

        Love Santa Cruz, half of the San Diego Hippies moved there after the disaster of trying to hold the repug convention there, & the City showed its true colors, pure Mammon/La Jolla/Free Trade Types running the graft, & Building, Developers Owned California then. Near my favorite place on Earth, near the old Whytcher family ranch, private cemetery on Ft Ord by the Gun Club, ranchhouse used as a centerpiece by Stienbeck in one of his best, still there, built by my GGG, fresh over from England, last one of the family in in 1850s. Place resonated w/me long before I learned any of my heritage, related to probably 15% of the country, likely nearly 100% of those in before the floodgates opened in 1650.
        Was raised a Believer, in the whole spiel. have had every belief, everything learned, alive long enough to see it superceeded, or having it proven WRONG to me.
        Why so PiSSED about the turn Our Country has taken, no more rights than anyone else here that stepped off a boat, but the Families Blood Sweat & Tears Investmeant into it, incredible, now that I’m looking for it! Writing it all down to save in Journals, for a book to give to my VERY totally un-expected Grandchildren. Had decided as a teen never to breed unless conditions were Right for Doing it right, never happened of course, life’s like that, which is what I want to get through to the boys, being a beta tester all my life. If anybody else enjoys it, I write Excellent Traveling letters, & have more than a bit, so’s my dearest Wifely, to Nerds in a can, both reading college level by 3rd grade, with comprehension of material read. My was always read 3 times, filed in the Library for Recall@will. Made life in school hell, by a School Psych from the district, pulling me out of class for testing, in what I found out later to be a Cold War recruiting drive by Guvmnt, looking for Potential. Cut Moi out of the herd early, school Never the same after that.
        Not. Appreciated by Moi!
        Have aced nearly every multiple Guess test I ever met, from the SATs in 8th grade, didn’t know the math methods, so brute forced & guessed the correct answers by the setting of them… Never lived That down either. Was graded College level in maths never taken. Was determined to keep my Brain as My Favorite toy, joined the Coast Guard near the end of Vietnam, fooling Everybodies thinking of where I’d go, after sliding thru a school that I’d done all the work for by the 6th grade, after classes w/Science teacher since 5th, after reading thru Every Library in the Imperial Valley. Had to sign my Draft Card before signing my life away. They offered me everything, including the Academy, which I turned down, & was better for it. Wanted to see how the supposed Top Ten % of American Troops, their line, shook out, in the trenches as it were. Up till then, USCG had lost a higher %tage of troops, see landing craft/Inshore ops, than any other Service. Quickly got educated, that if That is the top ten percent… We in TROUBLE!
        Never could work for Guvmeant after that, & Conspiracy theories??? You Gotta Be Kiddin, No group of Humans can hold a Secret that more than three know. Never attribute to Malice or Conspiracy/planning, what Human Nature will explain, is the quote I cannot remember now from whom, that sez it all.

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        1. Zyp Czyk Post author

          I remember the quote you’re thinking of: Hanlon’s Razor states one should “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity,”

          In general, I think people usually have good reasons to behave as they do, we just don’t know what they are, because “good” is in the mind of the agent, not the observer.

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      3. brucespoint

        Deer! Drove Over the road for awhile, crosscountry. Learned a trick for Deer reactions in SE Texass, going thru the pine foresets@night. Deer Freeze when they see lights. If you let off the throttle, hit brakes, the change in Sound, triggers them to bolt across the road. Do Not do it! Just hold steady, watch the deer & surroundings for More deer, seldom alone depending on season.
        Deer R easy, their eyes reflect. Moose R NOT. They could teach the Military about stealth, eyes too high, & do NOT reflect anyways, coat usually drying from grazing pond weeds, most times of the year cept Winter, when there for road salt. Their Coats, reflect Nothing. “.”
        Had Fantastic night vision till That stop, now gone in right, non dominate eye. Is Nightblind now, Colorblind, Center Vision gone, scar across right macula, not noticed untill nearly a Decade later, tho I Had been doubting my competence after, turns out to be because things in the right spot, center vision, Dissapears things I’m looking strait at! When I move my head! That will destroy any feeling of competence you ever had, if you do not understand what’s going on.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Well, if we can’t take opioids anymore, psychiatrists can at least give desperate pain patients anti-anxiety meds, antidepressants, and antipsychotics to help us cope with the untreated pain… and hang on to life until this opioid craziness fades and is replaced by the next scapegoat to blame for the consequences of our brutally ruthless capitalist society.

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      1. Kathy C

        They are already doing that, they have been doing it for years. Most long term chronic pain patients were given that list of drugs as alternatives for pain. The fact that none of them worked, was not a concern. The pharma industry marketed these drugs for pain, and practitioners blindly prescribed them instead of opioids, or even acknowledging the pain condition.

        I just read the latest from the CDC,
        It looks like the CDC is proud of these numbers. Note they don’t ever mention chronic pain. Even the suicide rate is an opportunity for marketers. People with chronic pain are not the only people that are being Gas Lighted.

        Kolodny is a liar, and he has a lot of deaths on his hands. Just like the other enablers and the ones who cashed in on a public health crisis.

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      2. brucespoint

        Been there done that in 25yrs+ of Undertreated pain, tried everything, sometimes all@once! Was on Tricyclic, Bicyclic, SSRI, & Gaba/Topramine? Everything .but Neurotten, Gabapentin, till very recently Trying Lyrica at PM Doc insistence, just made me feel drunk/stupid/dangerously staggering, not my Thing@all, Never an Oblivion Seeker like those that are Cursing Our lives. Knew it was bad stuff, that STOPS new brain cell & dendrite formation, Just what a non-sleeper w/ALZ in immediate family needs! By the time I had filled two 55 gallon drums w/med empties, in bulk from PMSI, I knew I was Doomed, that this thing Not going away was going to Kill me. Did, 3xxx13 years under the Highest granted receiver of funds from Phizer on the West Coast, Me on High 400-600mg ten years later, never a 81mg Aspirin mentioned, No High Blood Pressure ever, No High Cholesterol ever, no Heart Problem ever, Never overweight 4th gen Desert Rat, has a Heart Attack@51yrs old, courtesy Cox2 inhibitors, which were Wonderful@Time, enabled moving from Graves, where I could pace myself to get needed work done, to Evenings, where I could do Much More for my peeps. Still taking it, after 4 years of hell taking nothing but Heart Meds, no anti inflams, no neuroleptics, cuz scared drs bout heart. Screw That, I want to Live! Finally convinced them to restart old regime that Worked before. Have had to Fight all this the entire quarter Century since it dropped into my life.

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      3. brucespoint

        You know Zyp Czyk, that peeps calling it a “Christian Nation” are fools, the State Religion is Mammon, & all-ways has been. In the eyes of someone who had read the whole bible thru three times by 12yrs old, Nobody Reads the damned Human things, in any Balance.
        Adam Smith, the Holiest of writers on Capitialism, devoted nearly half the book, to what Good Capitalist should be returning to the Customers they got Rich of of. Nobody ever reads That either.
        TLDR is Killing our Society, along side the Nuukliar Family, killing off the Only succesful unit of Human enterprise, cuz you can drum the marks up more often, if you keep them Stupid & Greedy. Our History as Social Great Apes w/delusions of Godhood.
        Money gets moar, therefore Money is God. Mammon Worship, Jaysus, if he truly existed, & wasn’t a Roman Plot for controlling populace by Titus & fam, sealed by Constantine & friends/lackeys, turning a Communest Leader, into a Capitalist pacifier.
        The Deed done in fact, by my lifelong study of us Critters.

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  2. brucespoint

    Thank YOU Zyp Czyk, for giving Moi a platform to Sing his Screams related to the Chronic Pain Fiasco/Torturing, Hope I haven’t scared the livestock and stopped Chickens laying, I do have that tendency genetically wired in Honestly, reading my family tree, Not encouraged at Home, all “Self Made Men” selliars, as I learned after Dad stupidly took himself Out of the Mating game he thought he was going to do after Mom passed, likely taking herself out, just before I was to arrive to help care for the ever increasing ALZ, the fear of which had driven her to donate her body to Science, to Learn Anything about what too her, and so horribly her Mother, Healthy as a Horse, living another 20 years in lock ups, that I HAD to stop accompanying my mother to visit, The HORROR of it too much for young self, witnessing all of it growing up, Killed Papa, in Dr’s office for check up, the day she was to be committed, because she was a Walker, Healthy & Strong, running from my Grandparent’s House in Oceanside, after Waking, not Knowing the Man next to her. Witnessed all this as a child, lost Papa when 12 years old, after witnessing the incidents that locked her up, rest of life. ALZ Terrifies Moi, wonder Why? I Study, Dive into whatever Scares Me, Went to the 1st, maybe still, George G. Glenner School for Dementia care in San Diego, to get licensed to work in NeuroPsych Lock ups, after incidences working Head Injury place lead to the death of a patient I had heard calling out to God, cursing not being taken, for years, had Ironclad DNR, not even supplements, Silver Spoon type, with Winery owning parent’s, facilities growing grapes on 3 continents, and being prime cash cow, to the Head Injury center he live out his life at, after parent’s failed trying to keep home, warehouse w/moi, who HAD read his Jacket, as I did for All Clients there, to learn there Quirks and needs, I do Nothing, halfway. Injured whilst playing polo w/Prince Charly, Time to get licensed, and get away from little trained “Experts”, in Head Injury care, who had dumped a Very sick puppy 105 degree temp, hitting 107 despite the Ice , solo, Ice packed in all the proper spots for Maximum Cooling effect, back still twisted, just like this kid I changed diapers for, railing against his fate, all night long for two years before finale. I Let him Go, calling like Mad for Help, refusing to do CPR, as Stated in Record, 1st page, that No One else there, seems to have read or remembered. He would have NEVER forgiven me.
    Cried my ass off writing this Very Painful memories down finally, thanks for the trigger to dump, Hoping I can Keep doing that here when triggered, instead of battering my recovering wife, who is finally to the point in Recovery, not yet complete, likely Never, head injuries being like that, being forever, but enough to ease up, have who I wanted BADLY to be, Back.. A Subject more passionate about, than My Own travails, cuz. it. matters.

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  3. brucespoint

    Spoke with Wifely, about impressions she had 1st meeting me IRL in may 2004 in Buffalo airport she hadn’t spoke to me of before, Said I was grey, slackfaced which I knew, all the drugs taken@time I brought w/me, NOT to be taking Opioids at time I knew Nothing of, Never had used until 07 june, having HA, having to lie flat in bed… NOT something I could do w/out Screaming at the time, dropping exhausted flat, something Paid Pain Tax only by accident, resulting in mo Misery compounded, Had to in Cardiac intensive care 2 & 1/2 Weeks that way, = Air Ambulance to Hamilton for two stents & back, impossible w/out intervention. Lizette said at airport light, l;ooked dying, a zombie in appearance & actions, but still all there Mentally. Knew the package being delivered to her, made certain giving Black Box Warnings as to Whom she was meeting, the full package, for 7 years. Was on SSRi Zoloft, to keep the urge to drive into Bridge stanchions almost irresistible when rarely Emotionally struck. A Tricyclic, Desepramine, only thing working@all to unplug my spinal & Cranial nerves from making me do the same, giving me Writers Block from Hell unless writing while under duress, most the time then, trying to get Away from what was killing Moi. A Bicyclic, Effexor, Trying to control Fibro, not working well enough. And Topramate, trying to get something to replace the Damned Desepramine, all neuroleptics, kind of an asset working the floor in Locked units when NOT Grey, dead pan face, No Fight or Flight Reflex, could take a punch strait to the face, never blink, never re-Act, only act, doing my job defusing Human Forest Fires, while wanting to Die, end. the. pain.
    Permanently wired in now, tho quiescent yet, past few weeks of long wanted accomplishment, triggered by being unchained from Beta Blockers after 12+ years of breathlessness while chained to them, even Stupid enough to go off a week, to try life w/out, not happening, wuz going to bust a cap revving so much full time. I Hate being controlled by Anything, when not driven down by pain.
    All to try to live a life, be useful again, working, but Painfully slowly@times, not sleeping.
    Nasty mix of Beta Testing there, dodging Rx’ing Any Opioid, but Darvocet & strait Darvon added for really bad daze when maxxed on Cet, double that now, never a word of.
    Pre Pain Management@Scripps/La Jolla, rare aire then. Had been lost w/local reited Surgeon doc, lil Mtn Town Tourisity trap I lived near, a Dr I terrified, cuz I vibrated w/Adrenalin poinsoning, “My” reaction to Pain. Scary Scarecrow pics taken Any ask known, filling two 55 gallon drums w/empties of Vicodin in 3 years, up to twenty a day, fed by a corp plan to see I never made it to Court. Knew this was going to Kill me then, Never going to go away, did in 07.
    Oxycontin was a revelation after leaving Hospital, 2x40mg daily dose, tho out of breath all the time, still on other med regime, felt better, more Able, than since accident in 92, & Loving it, Wanting to actually Do things on Newly Closed Property Living On, & Off its bounty@time too. Neat pics from then!!!

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  4. brucespoint

    Moi’s SONG, circa 2010 on FB, Still there, just Not readin News Feed, No longer Dancing Groups, took a Break Refreshing Pain Management up here in the Great White North 2013 I Think, 17 year refresher in state of what “Art” there had been learned… Cricketts. Here’s my Song.
    “Self-Explanetory, Not updated I think, might on Request, only.

    Alces Acres published a note.
    May 21, 2012
    An Intro to Why I’m sometimes a Grumpy Moose!
    Hurtin for Certain.
    Bear with Me, The Bear Has Me!
    in a World of Hurt.
    Mauled Moose, no Rut for Me yet.
    This too shall Pass, with the Weather.
    Too bad the Spasms won’t let me lay down long.
    Political Prescribing. Oh, ther’s a Medicine, that will make you feel Normal, Productive, But.. You, Can’t Have it, cuz Idiots Will be Idiots, & We HAVE to Protect Them All, 7 Billion are Not enough. We need more 16 year olds, not raised better than to STEAL a Cancer Patients Pain Medication, which they Watch like a Hawk, so if its Gone? Ain’t gettin No Mo. Suffer Time, So a DipSh*t Darwan Award Winner, Can Party on Someone Else’s Pain, Drink Alcohol on Top of it, & call that Po Girl OD. BS. Alcohol Poisoning, it Is one You know. OD’d on Stupidity, Terminal Case. But NO. Go on Crusade to Take Away ALL the NASTY Medicines God put here to Do just What they Do, Burn ’em, Lock ’em All Up. To Give you the ***Latest Patented Beta Test on us, that Cost ten times as Much, so when Little Suzy STEALS Them, Crushes them, Swills them down with Alcohol, it OUR Fault??? So Suffer? Kill Your Liver with more Tylenol? More Heart Attack in a Capsule Long Term? & Tell me how Dangerous Opiates Are? Take too many too Long? Bunged Up, You HAVE To Stop. You’ll Pop! That’s It.
    All the Medical Hazards Right there, take to Much? Full of Crap. Ouch. But Better than Losing your Liver, or your Life. Did that too, Three times in the Hospital, from those Substitute Meds, Flatlined. Very Boring. Don’t Try it @ Home folks.
    Ahhhh. Rest is Wonderful Stuff! Muuuch Better, still Tweak, Neck Cranked, Got Practice like that, 22 years end of Month.
    Xtra Visit to the Dr’s Walk in Clinic, Open to All, 1st Come 1st Serve. won’t adjust much, mousetrapped.
    Or.. ER, Oncoming Winter Roulette… Hard Choice, But, better than Ripping my Head off MyOwnSelf, eh?
    A Ongoing Tale, We’ll add to them as can. But first, Grump Grump Grump, Why I Grump So Loud & Direct. Cause I Hurt. All. the. Time. This is the Story of How I Earned That Entitlement, it’s the ONLY One I’ve Got.
    I have Plenty of Aches, but the only One that Stopped me for long, was a Doozy. Lucky on that end, I’ve Tried, REALLY Tried, to come to a Sudden End. Many times in my life, starting Early. Not this Day.A third generation Desert Rat, I used to work out in the middle of the Anza-Borrego Desert, Mining, year round, & Not underground, 125 degrees in the shade, & no shade, only Tonka Toys & bare mtn, did have Lots of Explosives tho, Blowing up Mountains is a… Blast!=8^DI Always Like my Job’s.It’s a Dance thing. That’s where I earned the Aches. SlapShot whiplash when 70 ft of Rock&Boulders dumped on My Cat 769 DumpTruck. Would have been no prob, but, the spring seat was broken, deferred maint. So I got Launched, Rudely, with a Very sudden stop at the end. With my Neck looking back at the 250 ton Loader flooring it to get away, from the Avalanche, when he Hooked the back edge of my dumpbed, with the back edge of his bucket, Bypassing all the Very nice Suspension. This was Not good. Rang like a Very Big Bell… & Then the Mountain landed on the Truck. Boulder size of Vans, Rolling from 70ft up. Bowling for Bruce! My name by the way, Alces is another Story, & I like to tell them, so I’ll Practice on Ya’ll!=8^D

    Whiplash from Hell, thats what it was. C5/6 blew out one way, C6/7 blew out the other way, instantly giving my Spinal Cord a dogleg. A few months earlier, I had a Air Seat Break & Launch me into the Roof of the cab, after hitting a Pothole going down a 13% grade Downhill, after having to move right to allow another Truck Coming on a Run Up the grade, at bout 30mph, empty. When I had to Swing back in, hit the Sharp Edge of the Pothole, & Bounced the Front Wheels Off of the Ground. Now this is a 22 cubic yard Euclid, with Rubber blocks for Springs, with a Full load of Rock, Tires taller than Me, I’m 6’2″, weighing bout 200 ton… Not me, the Truck! That’s When the Shock Absorber for the Air Seat broke, along with the Travel Limiter, & put me Strapped in with a 4″ lap belt, on a Pogo Stick, that Launched me into the Roof, Hard. Twice! Once with my Hard Hat, once without. That is what compromised the Disc’s in the 1st place. Bout six of them, top & bottom. The SlapShot Later, just Slid it off its Axis. Not going to detail the Fun here, but, Ultimately, I Decided NOT too Operate, Two Level Fusion, with Four Other’s Comprimised, was Just Begging to Jump on the Surgery-Go-Round, & THAT, Terrified Me for Good Reasons. I Decided to Learn too Live with the Injury I had, & Chance Better Options in the Future, cause the ones at that Time, late 92 was DOI, Were Lousy!!! I Researched&Researched it… & I’m Good at that. It’s been a Rough Ride, but I Still Haven’t gone under the Knife, & I Don’t have a Broomstick for a spine. More to follow… ~namaste~

    Pinto Alces, sans rackPinto Alces, sans rack”
    Sorry, Neat Pics No Makkeee!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. brucespoint

    And 2012!!! Didn’t Check, kickin out some Old Writin on FB, for an Old Friend Found aGain, Multilating Grammar to pizz off the Nazi’s, whilst Touturing English Teachers Everyway but Loose!
    Revenge/Vengance!; Is MiNE!!!!!
    Ran into some BAD ones looking for the Mythical Good one, not writing for a livin like All the wanna’b’s.
    Hear My ROAR!!!!
    Havin Fuuuuuuuuuun!!


  6. brucespoint

    Thankz4Be-ing Zyp Czyk!
    Ya’ll Czech?
    CZ fan here, Czech’s Damned Fine Engineers!
    Some Favorite OffRoad M/C’s!
    Make Kewl Cars too!
    Wish Moi could ad a Tatra rear Hemi air-coole V8, Swoop!
    To his lil Design Award Winner, Dead End Museum, not all dead ends, all advanced whatever Art,: Forward.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. brucespoint

    Finally foud Dr,.In PAiN Clinic, wiling mebbe, to accept@Least 1st Two email, “I” hope…
    CAN Communicate that Way, my Intensity in PAiN, Scares the Livestock, stops the Chickins Layin, & Makes Dr’s w/NO Ballz/Ovaries RUUUUUUUUUUN!
    So better to Write ahead of time, get chill, write, & Hand Over4MedRecord, to set Straight, chickenSh*t Dr.’s.. & Records.
    Let yah know how That Workz.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. brucespoint

    All ready played the BiG Gun for DR. Persuading, of Ending it Legally, in Hospital, if No more Treatmeant.
    Seldom make a typo less Bad input gear, ljke Now..
    Usual drill, Every Char.: Intentional.


  9. brucespoint

    Do Own that Rant!!! Think they’ll put it in my Medical Record???
    Taking Bets NOW.
    Lovin iT!
    Good Keys? Play’em like the Theatre Pipe Organ’s Dad Used to, Compleat w/Rolls&Florishez!
    We have Fun!; No Matter, but PAiN a Hard Dance!; Type Till Yah Drop!; An Excersize, that DOES Work!: Danced Fast Enough. Words/Lyrics/Slam Poetry!; It’s all Good, work into Your Breathe.
    Have reams of it whilst Under Medicated, pedaling as FAST as can…
    Trying to Rick Roll a Musician I met. Gotta B, something that’ll Rock’em World in there.


  10. brucespoint

    Zyp Czyk, would you mind my posting This Page to my FB Page, Mebbe drive some Traffic?
    You DO Post the Best Selection of Articles related to Chronic Pain of the Blogs I Do follow, am Going to Anyway, but would like your Blessing after “I’ve” Dun it?
    Kewl; Thought So!
    Makes want post Happi Dance Rainbow Lorikeet Just tossed@Bad Older Sis!!!
    Oh, Wifely’s Folks, Veddy Veddy Interesting Peeps! Lil Storie I’ve wanted to get Started on Boleslaw, her Dad, Very Much a Good Story, Mom Too, but not Now.
    Dad in Poland, not at hand exactly where, she’s not up yet,shhhhhhh!
    Got a Gold Coin from Polish Pope, for as 12yr old or so, end will tell you how old.
    Went to a neighbour Village to visit friend,; Found Entire Village Slaughtered, Fresh. Nazi’s.
    Gets Word out, heads into Forest, Learn to be Master Foragers, Guy look@AnyThing, taste if Edible, Knows What is… Keeps peeps there Going, Hikes Out… All the Way to Egypt!
    English Army in.; Mom, Smart Woman hauled off to Austria, Makes it Back After War!!!
    No Info on That Miracle of Slave Labour!
    Mom, Altered Birth papers, so 18 years Old when getting to Egypt, LOVE the Story How, Do Not Have it… Instead of 16 years Old he is in 1945. Goes to England, Learns/Works, has a Family, mebbe PTSD recovery? Falls for Wifely’s Mum, not certain timing on that.. Lizette Born, They split Chester UK for Canada, Wifely 12 yrs old, lil royalist compared to Bolshi Parent’s, Ripped from virtually the doorstep of Chester Zoo, a resonance Between Us, mine San Diego Zoo, a fam Treasure spot, Mom’s Godmother ran 50yrs! Dad & Mum, VERY Bright Peeps, Living with them 6 months, Like Being in a Brit Comedy, aGain, Bright Peeps! He become Shop Foreman Bristol AreoSpace in Winnipeg, She, Electrical Engineer, Not Normal! Spotted PLanes in Battle of Britain early young than normal, later installs Avionics in Air Force 1, both Political Socialist, the REAL Kind, He head of NDP in Manitoba, not Noticed down there, Hell’ve of a Story There already for Moi!!!
    Not Write it?
    Whatz’a Boy2Do?


      1. brucespoint

        All the last 15 years! On FB, Come See the Wild Ride!
        Old Root I Knew, could Not be a Camp, and Not know outta that Farm, it’s truly Epic, looket at in Scale Alone! Other’s Papa, Maternal G’pa… Roots from the verrry Start.; 1585.
        What’zaBoy2Do? That All dug up by Lizette as a task whilst I was bust doing 17YEAR PM Refresh, aNew, in Canada, STiLL Not having a family Dr.! Having Been in t-bay enviorens… Out on a Ice Fishing Lake, in Cabin on Shore W/Catz, Watch right in Front of them, Eagles, Fighting over Fish Leftovers, lil Iland in Lake, View to Boundry Waters, waiting ton Close Our rop. A LiFE Goal Completed on Her lil bit of Fed diability, closed in May, paid of in 2010.
        Win Thru PAiN, “I” thought@Least, All that matters is how that Felt, after ALL the Crap I was Thrown Out With. Better piled4Bonfire, the Day I figured out this Was Not Going Away, and fixing it state of the “Art” then… Wuz “A” Grade Horror Show.
        Didn’t want to Play the Game Snake Lawyer Wanted to Play. Cutters,; Do.
        Researching/Question eVery resource at hand, in famile damned good on too, TOP Nurses, Most Varietie!; There.
        But Would have been Much Healthier just Burning All.
        Tell’s you sumptin bout Your Country, that Keeps being Driven in. OuCh!
        So Singin My Song, trying to tune it up.; To Hammer it Home the Only way I can/Best Can/As Can, This here Helps.; Lotz!
        Really. This one Post, sez it All2Me.
        Meet Dr. Red, New Commed w/Friend, HalleLuYah!
        He haz Friends in Canada, looking for a Dance, superb.
        Put me in a Box, I’ll SiNG!
        It really is a Weird Twist, on a Famile thing, Lovin it, treding, hopefully controlled for Endurance whatever mill is pushing it. 80% Golden, if you Can dance the Pain.
        Give’s those Brain Cells sumptin to do instead of HURT.
        G’Nite@Alll dun.
        We B SMiLin! & Off to napp.
        Thank Yew, Thank You.



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