Pain severity associated with weakness in FM

Pain severity is associated with muscle strength and peak oxygen uptake in adults with fibromyalgia – free full-text PMC4014369/ – 2014 May

I find this relationship of muscular weakness with pain in my own bouts of cycling: the more pain I have, the less I’m able to push the pedals. My pain seems to depress many aspects of my physical functioning, so this study only reinforces what I  suspect many of us have experienced.

The associations between pain, lower extremity strength, and aerobic conditioning have not been widely investigated in adults with fibromyalgia (FM).

The principle objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between pain severity and knee strength in patients seeking treatment for FM.

A secondary objective was to investigate the relationship between pain scores and aerobic conditioning.  


Fibromyalgia (FM) is characterized by the presence of diffuse widespread pain.

Previous studies suggest FM is also associated with reduced knee strength and decreased levels of aerobic conditioning.

Knee strength has been preferentially used because of its critical role in performing routine functional tasks, and easy accessibility of the lower extremity for strength testing.


Three measures of knee strength (isokinetic extensor, isokinetic flexor, isometric extensor) were quantified in the dominant leg of 69 adults with FM using a dynamometer at speeds of 60 degrees per second (60°/s) and 180°/s.

Peak oxygen uptake (VO2) was assessed using a cycle ergometer, and pain was assessed using the pain severity subscale of the Multidimensional Pain Inventory.


In univariable linear regression analyses using pain severity as the dependent variable,

lesser values of

  • isokinetid knee extensor strength at 60°/s (P=0.041) and 180°/s (P=0.010),
  • isokinetic knee flexor strength at 60°/s (P=0.028) and 180°/s (P=0.003), and
  • peak VO2 uptake (P=0.031)

were predictive of greater pain severity scores.

In multiple variable linear regression models adjusted for age, sex, body mass index, and opioid use, the following associations retained statistical significance;

  • isokinetic knee extensor strength at 60°/s (P=0.020) and 180°/s (P=0.003),
  • isokinetic knee flexor strength at 60°/s (P=0.015) and 180°/s (P=0.001), and
  • peak VO2 uptake (P=0.014).


The main findings from this study were that lesser values of isokinetic knee strength and peak VO2 uptake were predictive of greater pain severity scores.

These results build on the findings of previous investigations, but ongoing research is needed to further characterize the effects of strength and peak VO2 uptake on the pathophysiology of FM.

These extracts are only from the abstract. The full study is available at Pain severity is associated with muscle strength and peak oxygen uptake in adults with fibromyalgia for those who are interested,

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