Threatening letters being sent to our doctors

The following anonymous comment was entered in the responses to Richard Lawhern’s recent editorial on STAT News: Stop persecuting docs for legitimately prescribing opioids for chronic pain.

He’d like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience with their pharmacy or doctor.

ATTENTION: All Medicare Recipients who are Non-Cancer Chronic Pain Patients. If You have Medicare Part D Rx Drug Insurance through “United Healthcare Medicare AARP” 

This RX drug Insurance Company is sending out “Threatening Letters” to every patient’s Doctor, if you’re taking more than CDC Guideline 90 Mg MME.

My Doctor has received these threatening letters EVERY month from United Healthcare AARP Medicare since Mid 2017, telling him [that] if he does not force taper my opioid dose down to CDC GL’s 90 Mg MME, they will “take action” against him & turn him in to the State Medical Boards.

United Healthcare AARP Medicare as a direct result of their “threatening letters” has now gotten me forced tapered off my Opioid dose that I have been stable on for 15 Years.

I have a debilitating chronic painful & progressive disease with no cure.

As a Direct Result of United Healthcare AARP Medicare’s threatening letters & the forced taper, I have already lost a considerable amount of function.

I am gathering ALL the threatening letters my Doctor has received from this Company to date & the dates each letter was sent, and taking them to my attorney to look over.

If I can sue this God **** Company for what these letters have caused me, I guarantee I will do so. I am suffering greatly now, and as my Dr. has stated, the ONLY reason I am being reduced to CDC guidelines is due to the letters he continues to receive.

This is completely unacceptable.

9 thoughts on “Threatening letters being sent to our doctors

  1. Michael Hause

    Yes i am in the same boat but with kasier permanente. Force tapering to 80 mgmme from a stable 400 mgmme. I was stable for years. My dr first blamed the cdc then the state of california and finally the truth, Kaiser is mandatung this to all thier drs. When i fought them three yrs ago the said it was the cdc. Then they sent me a letter saying it was no longer meducally necessary therefore they are tapering me. I dont recall getting miraculously better. My life has been a living hell over the past couple of years. My dr said why dont i just leave kaiser. I said in a very humble voice, all the pain drs in the area have shut down there is nobody to treat me. She has added flexerol and gabapentin to make up for the tapered meds. They just have me living in a fog. I was once a national sales mgr for a multimillion $ company. Now im disabled and in bed most of the time. Barely existing. When i has the proper dose of pain medicine i still had a little pain but i was sharp as a tack, in relatively good shape and most important a participating husband and father.
    What can i do.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      My mom has EDS with horrible hip pain, but if she tells her Kaiser doctor that she’s in a lot of pain and Vicodin helps, her Kaiser doctor immediately bristles and says “I’m never going to prescribe you more Vicodin!”.

      Two a day give her two 4-hour intervals and the rest of the time she has to be miserable or stay lying down.

      At least they gave her an antidepressant that turned out to be a life changer: she has literally not been depressed since the first day she started it – she could feel it working within hours. But it still does nothing for her pain.

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  2. Kathy C

    The AARP has done nothing to protect any seniors, they exploit them. They are not in any way beneficial, and they really only working for the insurance companies and other corporations that prey on seniors. AARP ignored the seniors who are over-medicated, and exploited by the healthcare system, while low income seniors go without healthcare. The AARP offered a smokescreen for the nursing home industry, as the truth comes out way too late for the many that already died. The AARP relies on corporate funding and is no more credible that the insurance company they are giving free advertising, and PR to.

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  3. brucespoint

    mo good writing of my life, sent into a memory hole might never be retrieved.. if not so, never fogetten@ded2me person if that is so, words eeked out precious to myself, down iretrievable2me.
    that feeling Really sux/burnz deep@accident being overtired cuz pain we live lif w/always wanting it to stop in the worst/yet most blessedly obvious only way, the Buddha, smart fellah defiantly correct in what should be fed to children like bread, daily growing up@”life is suffering, greatest of the great truth, by the greatest of the great apes by biology duh, w/delusion@Adequicee, in a great cold universe sparkin/spankinn, life where ever/however it can = pure chemistry & Zaps of energy however released, to simply make life as byproduct of entropy, just like the rig veda figured out 7,000 some years ago, the universe happens@Look out, falling skies dept@it rough going in nature all-ways, just because it is in the 1st place, written out, dun, down the mem hole it goes, on a mission.
    per Darwin, likely a cousin, many ways, still. Survival of the fittest is more a societal thing, cooperation/ not idividualism, just look at instrucive verry natural world, lonerz Die alone, not prosper, that take help, which tryin for here, nothing else@Thank you 4Being.
    “.” full stop.
    that’s’ all folks = last gasp of hope.

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  4. Randall Turgeon

    “Land of the free and home of the brave”, (where every good doctor is becoming a slave). Nothing more than government mandated torture of patients. The new American way, negatively impact ALL for what SOME are doing. Restricting all is not the position old school America ever would have taken. We are supposed to be a free country where all involved in good faith, responsible behavior and honesty are to never feel the impact Government imposed sanctions.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Most issues are decided in the “court of public opinion” these days where reason and logic are not considered. These are frightening times, when ignorant opinions are determining government policy.


  5. brucespoint

    Did my missive dissapear, cuz I overshared on a few pst ending up by bein humble brags@Truth-fully real life, documented & investigated as thoroughly as can, when can hard drive Still sitting uncracked in 100$CDN year Safety Deposit Box, finally popped up CVE on likey NSA, whoms contactor got favoured kiotty kat Killed by rattled, brain hurt by self lovig wifely found?
    If that the case, please return my recent posts to brucespoint@gmail,cop, or Alces Acres on FB or the G’thing botz like so much, because Yes, self taught, cuz crappy schoolz into football instead of leanin that “I” helped get their accreditdation put on probation as a parting shot@Graduating early full stop, whilst having done bulk of photos in annuals as staff since frosh, already having completed the hs stuff by 6th grade@shade tree polymath.orh here, fer realz, as documented by famile, friend, aquantences & dead shot enemies I have a FB, including fellow paip puppettes, and two tribute pages that i put up because Not there to be found@so i made them, want all but my pain uppettes anomymoose, yours for the asking@Life is here, life to strangwe, to make up, we funny monkey i’ve pretty much me@Representive travel, not a care if anybodi believes a thing, hoping they challenge, so i can slamm them@Truth, plain fact often does it alone, cuz this boy’z been stuffing his head, since opening hiz hazel eys, thought retarded till finally goaded to, nothing that i can remember, 1st known attempt too kill or maim me, the new competition, for the 5 years older adopted bro from hell, said to be brain scarred, from his actions b4 dying, damned lucky to make it, not being murdered, my phineas Gage Dx’d bro, put myself in the hospital 2 week w/lotz’a screaming, from a hurt head injured kid knocked of the back of a 4 & 1/2ft high chairback backwards, onto a tile covered floor below, deliberatly w/ help from older n ext door neigboor, w/beautiful beaten mom next door, me already bent towards older Women, by three olders sis’s w/friends & never foget Cousin, fawning of new house toy, baby bro w/beauteous buck teeth lik joni m. a gleamin later, till slapped in iron’s in the friggin 3rd-8th grade othering me further & further in that last frontier in the lower 48, that famile, help turn into North America’s Winter Greenhouse last century, in this maybe/likely being drowned as it has been many times b4, below sea level, bathtubb rings various level, fishtrap visable far away clear mornings, making Ray Bradbury’s short storie i foud@6 on so in the local library, bout the Wave up the crotch of Baja living below sea level, ending washing out to Ocotillo Wells where i got hurt, mine@end of Spit mountain rd, off hwy 78 Anza-Borrego Desert Park I know by heart riding/driving most often@every day both ways depending on day/shift/season, either living pure desert@or down off the moutain/cross country either way 35-70 mile loops mostly off road, learnin every water hole/danger/shade spot to crawl too if injured, alone, pre cellphone, only carrying@Pager unreachable in canyon i rode@No, Not a Death Wish/ done, with all the research & Questions & answers weighed, where the rubber hitz the road, dirt/sand /ice/ whateverr, i sought them out for learning how to deal w/life.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      I went to UCSD in the 70’s and wrote my senior thesis at the Ocotillo Wells campground in Anza Borrego State Park.

      On Friday evenings, I’d bring an arm full of books from the library and drive to the campground. It provided a distraction-free environment because it was too hot during the day to do anything but sit in the shade and work on my paper. I took just a quick hike early in the morning and late in the evening and then hid from the sun most of the day.

      I didn’t start bicycling seriously until the mid 80’s in the SF Bay Area, so the Yaqui Pass trail was my favorite.


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