Real Overdose Data from NIDA

Here is a whole page of some excellent charts from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). – July 2019

NIDA has the most accurate, up to date, and pertinent information, since it’s the federal agency whose mission it is to deal with drug abuse, not the CDC or FDA.

Below is the chart showing that it’s illicit Fentanyl that’s increasingly involved. Note that in the numbers for prescriptions, the opioids are almost always not prescribed to the person overdosing.

4 thoughts on “Real Overdose Data from NIDA

  1. brucespoint

    That curve for fentnyl, never deserves an “A”, is Scewed because When did they sart Wide spead testing for Fentynl??? Last Year mebbe? Bet there’s Still places Not testing for it!
    Garbage in = Garbage Out, all years but the last two???
    On another note, Firefox just stripped about all my tools, suddenly, and did try the other night, “I” can now get strait thru to Word press Sites! Mixed feelings on that, those extensions told me All I needed to Know about Web pages, now blinded!

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      All these numbers are only the best guesstimates, though some are deliberately slanted to favor anti-opioid bias, which may arise from all the opioid studies having a strong anti-opioid bias.

      Re browsers and useful extensions: many less-used extensions struggle with anything but very plain HTML pages and also don’t pace up with the frequent browser updates these days. I’ve had to get rid of some that started using up vast amounts of disk/memory/network resources. I’m using a Windows laptop from 2014 and I’m routinely need over 90% memory usage to run either a Chrome or Firefox browser with the pages open that I need for this blogging,!


  2. edsblows

    We have, what, like 46,000,000 more peeps in the US during this time frame? I wish I knew how to easily adjust these for population..per capital, whatever.
    And all the boomers all old now.
    If we take this into account, then illicit Fentanyl is the ONLY problem that’s increasing.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      You make an excellent point: these are absolute numbers, not percentages, so they will definitely increase with the population.

      The anti-opioid crusaders cleverly framed the whole issue a long time ago, calling it an “opioid epidemic” perhaps because epidemics are what the CDC is supposed to deal with, not mandating aspects of medical care.

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