Strange Correlations with Opiod Use Opioid Information Thread – User “Seshet” – Aug 2019

This is “Seshet’s” ongoing thread that’s very similar to what I do here: finding and reporting on the latest opioid-related articles. He’s a self-described “math nerd” with a scientific background, so his analysis of these articles is based on hard facts, not sentiments or speculation.

More fascinating research from NIDA. Seems that drug initiation is seasonal.

For more such “spurious correlations” see a previous post of that very name which a list of countless correlations of completely unrelated variables: “Spurious Correlations“.

3 thoughts on “Strange Correlations with Opiod Use

  1. Kathy C

    Yeah, some of them made some scary headlines. It seems Summer vacation is a time for people to initiate drug use, since they have time on their hands, and no school. These oddball correlations make attention getting headlines even if they are meaningless or counter productive.
    They use this stuff to do in-content marketing too, they make nice conversation starters on websites for alternative practitioners who view the epidemic of despair, pain and addiction as good ways to market their business.

    Check this out!

    “In 2011, then-DEA administrator Michele Leonhart testified before a Senate judiciary subcommittee that the agency was increasing its investigations of doctors and pharmacists who illegally diverted controlled substances. What I believe the DEA missed was that the manufacturers and distributors of opioids had gone rogue.”

    The DEA went after patients, physician and pharmacists, even though it was the manufacturers and distributors who were breaking the law and supplying the black market. They were not allowed to enforce the law, the big corporations made sure of that.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      I always suspected the diversion was happening in the supply chain where thousands of pills are sent from the distributors. Just a few pills stolen from medicine cabinets cannot account for the huge volume of pills that were available on the streets.

      They are going after the tiniest part of the problem (doctors & patients) instead of going after the huge corporate distributers shipping in volume.

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