One in 10 Older Adults Currently Binge Drinks

One in 10 Older Adults Currently Binge Drinks – – July 2019

More than a tenth of adults age 65 and older currently binge drink, putting them at risk for a range of health problems, according to a study by researchers at NYU School of Medicine.

The most amazing finding, which is only mentioned near the end, is that “Binge drinkers were less likely to have most chronic diseases compared to alcohol users who did not binge drink.”

The study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, also finds certain factors—including using cannabis and being male—are associated with an increase in binge drinking.  

The researchers examined data from 10,927 U.S. adults age 65 and older who participated in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health between 2015 and 2017.

They looked at the prevalence of current (past-month) binge alcohol use, defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) as five drinks or more on the same occasion for men and four drinks or more for women.

The authors estimate that more than one in 10 (10.6 percent) older adults have binge drank in the past monthan increase compared to earlier studies. In the decade leading up to the data used in this study (2005-2014), binge drinking among adults 65 and older was between 7.7 and 9 percent.

The researchers also examined chronic disease profiles of older binge drinkers, and noted that binge drinkers had a lower prevalence of two or more chronic diseases compared to non-binge drinkers.

The most common chronic disease among binge drinkers was hypertension (41.4 percent), followed by cardiovascular disease (23.1 percent) and diabetes (17.7 percent).

I wonder why they didn’t mention the same categories of results among non-binge drinkers. They must have made the calculations since they had to compare them to “alcohol users who did not binge drink”.

This makes me suspect that the numbers of non-binge drinkers who had these chronic diseases were so bad they didn’t want to show them.

Binge drinkers were less likely to have most chronic diseases compared to alcohol users who did not binge drink.”

This may be because some people stop or decrease their drinking when they have an illness or alcohol-related disease,” said Han, who is also a CDUHR researcher.

5 thoughts on “One in 10 Older Adults Currently Binge Drinks

  1. Kathy C

    Binge drinkers probably die from accidents whereas daily drinking alcoholics have serious medical problems. This sounds like more misreported science, in services of the big corporations that not only sell prescription drugs, but they cleverly market alcohol in bulk, along with processed foods.
    I have know people who refused to take opioids, they were afraid of “getting addicted” but they drank themselves to death. These were horrible drawn out deaths, and they were hospitalized multiple times. Alcohol is available everywhere and socially acceptable, and more and more people are turning to alcohol to treat their chronic pain. They deliberately chose not to research any of that. That kind of research or data collection would make the big corporate drug stores, and big box stores uncomfortable.

    Check this out, We wont see this amplified across any health related media sites.

    Douglas Sipp, Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner. Downgrading of regulation in regenerative medicine. Science, 2019; 365 (6454): 644 DOI: 10.1126/science.aax6184

    The US used to be the standard for science and facts, but no more. Stem Cells are profitable, and even acupuncturists and chiropractors offer stem cell treatments.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Yes, it’s very sad that the overarching priority always comes down to money. These corporations are free to act completely as they like and have no responsibility for the consequences: human misery.


    2. Krista

      One thing is for sure. Those of us who are in Pain Management need to stick to gather not all of us are attics not all of us are against getting an injection as long as we still have our medication if the injection doesn’t work . pain medicine has been around forever and it’s helped a lot of people and it’s out more people then trigger point injections in your own it is the one thing that helps me with my pain on days that I don’t even want to leave else . And when that happens people know I’m Herton and I’m hurting bad . What the staff at Cleveland clinic did was wrong. And something needs to be done because there can’t be that many people that go see them do you can keep up Pain Management wing I mean they don’t wanna work with you they want to do what they want you to do and it doesn’t matter that you don’t wanna do it . And the more of us that strive harder to work with our doctors and our doctors work with us and we have a a good communication relationship and we’re honest with one another that is going to make a difference . But I’ll be damned if I’m 17 years into Pain Management and I’m not won’t be on my medicine . I just have way too much stuff that’s cropping up and the thing is I’m only 43 and that scares the living shit out of me

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Zyp Czyk Post author

        You’re stating many of the points I’ve brought up over the years as well, tu it’s all coming to head lately. I’m so sorry you’re going through this horrible mess!



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