Non-opioid Overdose Death Rates Rising

Nonopioid Overdose Death Rates Rose Almost As Fast As Those Involving Opioids, 1999-2016. – PubMed – NCBI  – Jul 2019

Even 6 months ago, it was becoming clear that overdoses aren’t “caused by opioids”, but rather all kinds of drugs, of which illicit opioids like fentanyl undoubtedly play a huge part.

But they are still trying to link all the overdoses to opioids using the most inside-out reasoning (if it can even be called that) that’s clearly influenced by PROPaganda.

The number of Americans dying from drug overdoses has risen rapidly, but the contribution of nonopioid drugs to this growth is not well understood.

And it won’t be understood until they clear their heads of the nonsense they’ve been flooded with.

Using vital statistics data from the universe of deaths among US residents in the period 1999-2016, I calculated levels of and increases in overall nonopioid fatal overdose rates and those for subgroups stratified by manner of death, sex, race/ethnicity, and age.

Mortality rates were also calculated separately for sedatives, stimulants, antidepressants, and cocaine.

Recently developed methods were used to correct for the incomplete reporting of drug involvement on death certificates.

From 1999 to 2016 the number of nonopioid drug deaths rose 274 percent, and deaths per 100,000 population rose by 223 percent.

Over the same period, opioid-involved [not necessarily prescribed opioids, but mostly illict opioids] fatality counts and rates grew by 371 percent and 307 percent, respectively.

It’s so frustrating that these fools never separate out illicit street drug opioids from opioid medication prescribed to the person who overdoses, which is actually not common at all.

Fatal overdose rates involving stimulants increased more than tenfold, with slower growth but higher rates for deaths involving sedatives and cocaine.

Midlife non-Hispanic whites generally experienced the highest levels and rise in nonopioid death rates, but cocaine fatality rates were particularly common among nonwhite or Hispanic males ages 40-59.

Policies designed to curb the opioid epidemic are probably helpful in reducing nonopioid deaths, but targeted interventions may also be needed.

How the heck can policies that restrict prescribed opioids, which are hardly ever involved in overdoses, have any effect in reducing NON-opioid deaths?

This makes no sense whatsoever. The article states that non-opioid deaths are increasing as opioids are restricted (not the illegal ones, mind you), but here they flip their argument on its head, claiming these barbaric prescription restrictions are “reducing nonopioid deaths”.

These researchers don’t deserve to be called scientists when they state such nonsensical propaganda.


2 thoughts on “Non-opioid Overdose Death Rates Rising

  1. Kathy C

    This is the kind of crap that gets presented as “science.” topics like opioids and deaths are trendy and more likely to get amplified. They take attention away from factual reality and point it elsewhere. They are either marketing or filler for marketing. Attention or funding seeking “researchers” are going through old insurance or billing data to find interesting attention getting correlations that they can mislead the public with.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      There’s an interesting web site with a whole collection of spurious correlations that can be found by post-hoc analysis. With so much data being collected for so many purposes with few significant limitations on access, researchers can find whatever they want to – exactly why “real” studies start by stating what exactly they are looking for *before* they start looking (which can obviously be fudged).



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