Brainless, Single-Celled Blob Can Make Complex ‘Decisions’

This Brainless, Single-Celled Blob Can Make Complex ‘Decisions’ | Live ScienceBy Yasemin Saplakoglu – Staff Writer – Dec 2019

Tiny, brainless blobs might be able to make decisions: A single-celled organism can “change its mind” to avoid going near an irritating substance, according to new findings.

I can think of several “brainless blobs” right away who seem to be in charge of the misguided and counterproductive response to the crisis of overdose deaths.

Over a century ago, American zoologist Herbert Spencer Jennings conducted an experiment on a relatively large, trumpet-shaped, single-celled organism called Stentor roeselii

When Jennings released an irritating carmine powder around the organisms, he observed that they responded in a predictable pattern,

To avoid the powder, the organism first would try to bend its body around the powder.

  • If that didn’t work, the blob would reverse the movement of its cilia — hairlike projections that help it move and feed — to push away the surrounding particles.
  • If that still didn’t work, the organism would contract around its point of attachment on a surface  to feed.
  • And finally, if all else failed, it would detach from the surface and swim away.

“They do the simple things first, but if you keep stimulating, they ‘decide’ to try something else,” Gunawardena said. “S. roeselii has no brain, but there seems to be some mechanism that, in effect, lets it ‘change its mind’ once it feels like the irritation has gone on too long.”

Proof that people without brains can still seem functional and make decisions.

Is that how we ended up with so many people “deciding” to follow the PROPaganda-fueled response to the misidentified “opioid crisis”?

The findings can help inform cancer research and even change the way we think about our own cells.

Rather than being solely “programmed” to do something by our genes, “cells exist in a very complex ecosystem, and they are, in a way, talking and negotiating with each other, responding to signals and making decisions,” Gunawardena said.

Single-celled organisms, whose ancestors once ruled the ancient world, might be “much more sophisticated than we generally give them credit for,” he said.

5 thoughts on “Brainless, Single-Celled Blob Can Make Complex ‘Decisions’

  1. Kathy C

    Exactly right, they are fueled by alternate beliefs, tons of industry money, potential profits, and a lot of deceptive online marketing, with no regulation.

    This was in my Sunday paper, which of course has sensationalized the so called opioid epidemic, as people in the community continue to die. They depend on the same industries that profiteered from the problems for their advertising revenue, and advertorial content. Our stat has the highest rates of suicide and opioid deaths in the nation, yet they failed to cover any of it with any kind of context. The local papers are also dependent and beholden to the tourist, development and real estate industries, all of which do not like fact based news.

    We blunder on in the land of alternate facts!

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Interesting article because she mentions “popping pain pills” which are hardly ever prescribed anymore – maybe she’s referring to OTC anti inflammatories & Tylenol.

      Also, there can be no “cure” for genetic illnesses, so I’m not sure what she expects in that realm. With the genetic illness of EDS, symptomatic palliation of the inevitable pain is the only treatment possible.


  2. Kathy C

    Our local paper is very selective about what they publish when it comes to healthcare. Their first consideration is that it does not offend their largest advertiser, a local religious non profit that spends millions on deceptive advertising. This opinion contained the prerequisite “pill popping”, and it is no accident that taking OTC medications are conflated with medically prescribed opioid medication.

    The author is a right wing propagandist, our local paper publishes a lot of this stuff as if it is just another member of the community, submitting their opinion. This was probably one of the few opinions they received that did not applaud Medicare For All. She also takes a swipe at immigrants, even though many of our best doctors are immigrants.

    Our local newspaper continues to gas light their readers, about all aspects of healthcare. They could not sell high end McMansions, if potential buyers knew how bad our local healthcare system is. In the same issue, they advertise a Medicare Advantage plan by the local religious non profit. An expensive half page ad, that offers free socks, to wealthier seniors who they pre qualify. This same non profit dodged millions in taxes, corrupted local healthcare, and runs ads about their “Medicare 5 star rating,” The 5 star rating is only compared to other new Mexico hospitals which are all under performing. They send the really sick (poor) people with minimal insurance to Albuquerque, to keep their rating. I know of several people who have died due to this practice, but our local paper would never cover that.


  3. Kahty C

    I found this today, it lays out how they are lying and manipulating us.

    The FDA and the NIH have been targeted by industry interests for over 20 years. Their budgets were cut, and positions and departments, that were inconvenient for the profiteers, were removed. We can see this across all federal regulatory agencies. They are not enforcing the Laws, regulations, and guidelines that were supposed to protect us.

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