How to find doctors still prescribing opioids

I received what I believe to be excellent advice from Richard A “Red” Lawhern for anyone looking for doctors still prescribing opioids:

I very often receive inquiries from patients who have been deserted by their doctors due to concerns for malicious persecution by DEA, DoJ, State Medical Boards or State drug enforcement authorities.

It is hard these days to find any doctor who is taking on new patients for the treatment of chronic pain. But a medical professional associated with the Alliance offered this insight: talk to your local independent pharmacist and ask which doctors they know who may be treating patients for pain.  

The big chain pharmacies tend to discourage their pharmacist employees from answering such inquiries, but independent (neighborhood) pharmacies may have a little more latitude. 

I had heard that pharmacists won’t tell you anything at all, not even if they have your medication in stock (although that may be different now).

Best regards, 

Richard A “Red” Lawhern PhD
Twitter: @Lawhern1

4 thoughts on “How to find doctors still prescribing opioids

  1. asjsmaccom

    That is how I found my current pain doctor. Also, people should be aware of new HHS rules on pain meds. Maybe you’ve posted it and I missed it. Under the 1135 Emergency Waiver, pain doctors, psychiatrists and others previously allowed to prescribe pain meds, can now have appointments via telemedicine and provider can email or fax prescription to pharmacy without patient having to physically go in to see provider or pick up a hard copy prescription. The rule, as I understand it, only applies to Medicare. With private insurance and Medicaid it is up to them whether to honor this, although it’s projected that most will. Also, individual state rules and restrictions apply. This is big. If we can only get them to continue this after coronavirus. However, it doesn’t help those who don’t have internet or an iPhone.

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  2. Phyllis A Lane

    I found a wonderful Palliatve Care Pain Management Docotor, who usually sees cancer patients, to take me. He gives me my Fentanyl Patch.

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