Annie Lennox Publicizes Her Chronic Pain

Annie Lennox Calls For Urgent Action For Those In Chronic Pain – Annie Lennox – June 2020

This is from Ms. Lennox’ own website where she advocates for continuing services for pain patients during the COVID lockdown.

Annie Lennox has called for action over the “intolerable” suffering of chronic pain patients during lockdown.

Annie called it “indecent and inhumane to leave people to suffer”.   She was referring to the continuing closure of NHS specialist pain clinics. 

This general lack of concern for pain patients certainly is “indecent and inhumane” when we are denied effective pain relief as though it weren’t important just because we won’t die from it. 

While many patients get by on medication, some depend on regular treatment at NHS specialist clinics. These closed almost three months ago, with some staff diverted to Covid-19 duties, now lessening.

She personally suffers from “excruciating” neuralgic pain. This comes in occasional agonising bouts – but Annie highlighted the plight of other sufferers needing clinics frequently.

The international star, originally from Aberdeen, responded to patient concerns from Scotland where some patients – whose NHS treatments ran out during lockdown – were in such desperate agony that a few have been driven by relatives to England for infusions

Private as well as NHS pain clinics stopped services in Scotland.

Annie wrote:

“As a long-term chronic pain sufferer, I understand only too well what it feels like to go through hours or days with extreme physical discomfort.

Without medication or clinical treatment, life becomes torturous and untenable.

Somehow, it sounds more “real”, or at least more relatable when a world-famous music star accurately describes chronic pain as “torturous and untenable”.

This seems certain to bring some new awareness to some of her fans who take her words seriously.

In the U.K, millions of people suffer.  Some rely on having regular access to pain reduction treatment, but due to the Covid 19 lockdown situation, NHS chronic pain clinics have been closed for months with no word yet on when they will re-open, which is sought urgently In Scotland in particular.

Will years of complaints over waiting times and underfunding continue to be ignored?

Unlike the barbarism of the Middle Ages – in the 21st century, it should be considered indecent and inhumane to leave people to suffer intolerable pain without their usual relief, while we actually do have the means to treat it. 

I very much hope this situation can be taken seriously and responded to as soon as possible.”

Annie Lennox OBE.

Normally, returning patients visit Scotland’s NHS pain clinics over 40,000 times a year,

Injections are currently barred if they contain steroids which could be harmful if a patient later develops Covid-19.  But infusion drips of the pain drug Lignocaine are free of steroids -and patients have appealed for these to be resumed urgently and a date set  for re-opening.

Ian Semmons, patient chair of Action on Pain UK said: “Annie has given a strong and powerful message that cannot be ignored. She has spoken for those who suffer too much in silence.  Chronic pain patients have for years been overlooked by Governments everywhere. 

The Scottish Government has dealt with chronic pain by setting up ineffective talking shops, meeting behind closed doors, not open to the public. Urgent action is needed”

This looks like exactly what’s been happening in the U.S. and the description applies just as well to the secretive deliberations and ineffective recommendations of our own CDC.

Last year, Annie wrote of suffering excruciating pain for over ten years. It comes in bouts – not involved with regular treatment.

“Over a decade ago, I had to have a back operation and a lot of things changed after that. Long story.. but I occasionally suffer from excruciating nerve pain, which comes in with a vengeance when I least expect it.  It has given me an insight as to what others have to deal with.. far more or less than this. My gratitude when it dies down is immeasurable.

Find out more &

Read it in full at Annie Lennox Calls For Urgent Action For Those In Chronic Pain – Annie Lennox

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