Crowdsourced Coronavirus Tech Handbook

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook is a crowdsourced library of tools, services, and resources relating to COVID-19 response. It is a rapidly evolving resource with thousands of expert contributors.

This is an amazing project, gathering together ideas from all kinds of people with all kinds of expertise to collaborate on all kinds of projects that affect every single one of us on this planet. It displays the best of humanity’s capabilities, not only with scientifically cutting edge efforts and technical know-how but also fueled by a moral imperative.

Without any “official” organization or mandate (and probably precisely because no officials were involved), a few people with the necessary technical skills started this globally editable website/document/handbook that allows everyone to contribute, whether expert or layperson.

They have been collecting ideas, tools, and other resources from around the world in a single location, accessible from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection.  

The potentially devastating threat hanging over humankind has led to small groups like this arising spontaneously from a shared purpose, pitching in to help with whatever skill they have. It’s a demonstration of the human ingenuity that’s brought our species so far. When we’re all working toward a common goal we can build amazing things together.

With the stakes so high, some people are energized and inspired to act but others, like me, feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the problem and cynical about humanity’s ability to work through the long process of “immunizing the planet” without becoming ever more divisive and self-serving, degenerating into mob violence or outright war.

Yet, this COVID Handbook project gives me hope that the horrible situation we’re in will finally create enough chaos to reach into the upper ranks of the elite financiers running this rigged game of money and power.

I hope the unfettered and rapacious capitalistic system that has caused so much suffering for the powerless will finally break down under the weight of its own greedy need for immediate financial gratification.

I hope we can build a better world/system from the ruins of the old and that the “better angels of our nature” will prevail in the end.

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Read & Contribute

  • If you find or make something that could be useful to someone, add it to the handbook
  • Before you start a project, look through the handbook to see if it’s already been done
  • If you are working on a project, join the chat in the relevant section and tell us about it!
  • If you are looking for something and can’t find it, chat live with a librarian or whatsapp helpdesk
  • Help us keep this whole thing organised: join the librarians!

Here is a list of areas the website/handbook covers so far and each one has links to many more resources.


  • Tools For Developers 💻
  • Tools For Everyone 😷
  • Tools For Parents & Guardians 🚸
  • Tools For Vulnerable People 😓
  • Tools For Remote Workers 📞
  • Tools For Sick People 🤒
  • Tools For Mourners 🕯
  • Tools For Volunteers 🙌 & Group Organizers 💪
  • Tools For Engineers 📐 & Manufacturers 🏭
  • Tools For Healthcare Workers 🏥
  • Tools For Local Government 📋
  • Tools For Charities & Civil Society🎗
  • Tools For Workers & Businesses 💼
  • Tools For Consumers 🛒
  • Tools For Strategists 📉
  • Tools For Teachers & Students 🎓
  • Tools For Researchers 🔬
  • Tools For Epidemiologists 📈
  • Tools For Journalists 📰
  • Tools For Policymakers ✍️ & Representatives 🏛
  • Tools For Law & Justice ⚖️
  • Other Things 🤔

The Coronavirus Tech Handbookcheck out this amazing “living” document.

2 thoughts on “Crowdsourced Coronavirus Tech Handbook

  1. canarensis

    “I hope the unfettered and rapacious capitalistic system that has caused so much suffering for the powerless will finally break down under the weight of its own greedy need for immediate financial gratification.”

    Perfectly put! I sure hope so too, & that it gets rapidly replaced with something that actually provides health CARE.



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