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Pain Contributes to Suicide

Though the two suicides in the articles below aren’t classified as pain-or-opioid-related, it’s obviously a big factor in some cases for some people.

If all suicides of anyone who had suffered from some sort of untreated (or even treated) chronic pain were counted, I think the number would be shockingly high.   Continue reading


Key Protein Involved in Triggering Inflammation

Researchers Identify Key Protein Involved in Triggering Inflammation – Jun-2018 – Source Newsroom: University of Illinois at Chicago

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have identified a protein that is crucial for activating inflammation — both the good kind of inflammation that leads to healing wounds and fighting infection, as well as excessive inflammation where the immune system can damage tissues and organs.

The protein — an ion channel that spans the membrane of immune cells — presents a new target for the development of drugs that can restrain overblown inflammatory responses. The researchers report their findings in the journal Immunity Continue reading

Suicidality in chronic pain

Suicidality in chronic pain: a review of the prevalence, risk factors and psychological links. – PubMed – May 2006

This study was done over 10 years ago, when the “crackdown” on opioids was just beginning. Since then, the situation for pain patients has become infinitely worse and many no longer have access to effective pain

Increasing numbers of pain patients are committing suicide because there is no other relief from their crushing pain.  Continue reading

Symptom (pain) trends in the last year of life

Symptom trends in the last year of life, 1998-2010: A cohort study – free full-text article /PMC4346253/ – Feb 2015


Research in the 1990s described serious symptoms at the end of life, and a 1997 Institute of Medicine report called for improvement. Hospice and palliative care have grown considerably since then.


To describe changes in pain intensity and symptom prevalence during the last year of life from 1998 to 2010.  Continue reading

Rats, Depression, and Chronic Pain

Rats, Depression and Chronic Pain — Pain News Network – By Pat Anson, Editor – May 2018

The results of this study would seem proof that chronic pain leads to depression, not the other way around, as so many “pain experts “ would like to believe.

These findings, if confirmed in people, will enhance the understanding of the impact of chronic pain on the brain, its relation to depression, and the effects of opioids.”

In the NIH/McGill study, 17 rats had brain surgeries to produce a nerve injury that causes chronic pain, while another group of rats had sham surgeries (a similar procedure that did not cause chronic pain). Continue reading

Central mechanisms of pain revealed by MRI

Central mechanisms of pain revealed through functional and structural MRI. – J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2013 Jun;

MR-based brain imaging technologies provide a suite of functional and structural metrics that can be used to test hypotheses about the CNS mechanisms underlying pain perception and chronification, from a cellular level to a systems level.

Two types of functional MRI discussed in this review provide insight into pain mechanisms:   Continue reading

A Pathogenic Autoantibody Causes Pain

When the Immune System Attacks Its Own Proteins, Pain Can Emerge – RELIEF: PAIN RESEARCH NEWS, INSIGHTS AND IDEAS – April 2018

The results of this study are pretty amazing: injecting a “pain protein” from humans into normal mice caused the mice to feel pain.

This directly contradicts the popular belief that pain isn’t a physical entity in itself, but rather a bio-psycho-social disorder. Now we know that’s simply not true.

Unremitting pain may eventually create a bio-psycho-social disorder by leading to deconditioning, depression, and isolation, but those are consequences, not causes.    Continue reading

A Common Brainwave Pattern in Multiple Disorders

A Common Brainwave Pattern in Multiple Disorders – by Brenda Kelley Kim – May 2018

A study found some fascinating similarities of activities in different parts of the brain for 4 different health disorders.

Brainwaves are a demonstration of the electrical signals that are passing through the brain between different neurons.

They are a series of quick-fire electrical spikes that originate from different parts of the brain and they can be recorded on an electroencephalograph (EEG).   Continue reading

Four Clusters of Chronic Pain Patients Identified

Chronic pain patients can be classified into four groups: Clustering-based discriminant analysis of psychometric data from 4665 patients referred to a multidisciplinary pain centre (a SQRP study) – free full-text article /PMC5805304/ – PLoS One, Feb. 2018

This the first study I’ve seen that begins to address the wide variety of “pain patients” that suffer from so many varieties of “chronic pain”. We are NOT a uniform group.

The major findings of the study were that the four groups/clusters were identified, which had the following characteristics:   Continue reading