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Articles about Aerosol Transmission of COVID

This is a collection of free full-text PMC articles about COVID transmission by aerosols:

Transmission of COVID-19 virus by droplets and aerosols: A critical review on the unresolved dichotomy

The practice of social distancing and wearing masks has been popular worldwide in combating the contraction of COVID-19.

Undeniably, although such practices help control the COVID-19 pandemic to a greater extent, the complete control of virus-laden droplet and aerosol transmission by such practices is poorly understood.    Continue reading

Still Disinfecting Your Packages?

Still Disinfecting Your Packages? | American Council on Science and Health By Chuck Dinerstein, MD, MBA — June 15, 2020

Remember the wisdom of the past, to leave delivered boxes outside for 24 hours and then wearing gloves to wipe them down before opening them carefully?

It’s time to shed a bit of scientific light on what we really know. 

You can become infected with COVID-19 through direct contact where you get your dose from viral particles that land on your face and hands from droplets generated by coughs and sneezes, by breathing in aerosols of the virus, and indirect contact where your hands pick up the virus from contaminated surfaces, like delivery boxes.

And then your hands still have to touch the mucous membranes in your face to allow the virus particles to get into your body. Continue reading

PROOF that Rx Opioids NOT Part of Overdose Crisis

This post contains the critical proof we can use to push back against the anti-opioid policies threatening our lives. It draws on public government data and scientific studies to expose the lies promulgated by anti-opioid activists to blame our prescribed opioids for all overdose deaths.

I believe it’s so significant that I’ve created a separate page for it and I’ll be showing it at the top of this blog for a while:

Misperceptions about the ‘Opioid Epidemic’ Thoroughly Debunked with Government Data & Hard Science

Medical care now more about money than medicine

When Your Doctor Is Also A Lobbyist: Inside The War Over Surprise Medical Bills by Rachana Pradhan – Feb 2020

This is a sad tale of how our medical care has become more about money than medicine, thanks to the financial “interests” who have bought up all the hospitals and doctors.

When Carol Pak-Teng, an emergency room doctor in New Jersey, hosted a fundraiser … her guests, mostly doctors, were pleased when she steered the conversation to surprise medical bills.

This was a chance to send a message to Washington that any surprise billing legislation should protect doctors’ incomes in their battle over payments with insurers. Lawmakers are grappling over several approaches to curtail the practice, which can leave patients on the hook for huge medical bills, even if they have insurance. Continue reading

Nurses Defend Doctor Charged in Hospital Deaths

Nurses Defend Ohio Doctor Charged in Deaths at Hospital – The New York Times – Dec. 20, 2019

After I’d annotated this article back in December, I went back to look at it and got the error” Page No Longer Available” from the NY Times. This has never happened before, so I’m left to wonder why this particular article would be disappeared.

I suspect it’s because it points out that the “leaders” of healthcare industries are utterly ignorant about opioid doses, while the people spending time with the real patients, like doctors and nurses, are doing their best to ease the pain and suffering of their most sick and dying patients.

Ten former colleagues of an Ohio hospital doctor who pleaded not guilty to murder in 25 patients’ deaths are coming to his defense in a new lawsuit.   Continue reading

Elite Hospitals Plunge Into Unproven Stem Cell Treatments

Elite Hospitals Plunge Into Unproven Stem Cell Treatments – By Liz Szabo – Apr 2019

The online video seems to promise everything an arthritis patient could want. Dr. Adam Pourcho extols the benefits of stem cells and “regenerative medicine” for healing joints without surgery.

It sickens me when some doctors go rogue like this – especially when it involves money and pain. That combination is the perfect engine for profit in our medical system:

  • medical procedures can cost as much as the “market” can bear and
  • the “market” consists of desperate pain patients who are no longer allowed their previously effective medications

In their suicidal desperation, these patients will agree to pay almost any amount to get relief from their unrelenting pain.  Continue reading

Oregon opioid task force passes tapering guidelines

Oregon opioid task force passes tapering guidelines – Portland Business Journal – By Elizabeth Hayes – Staff Reporter, Portland Business Journal – Oct 25, 2019, 5:26pm EDT

A statewide task force on Friday passed new guidelines to assist doctors with how to safely taper patients off of high doses of opioids.

They did this unannounced on a Friday afternoon, those sneaky weasels!

The nonbinding recommendations were developed by the 26-member Oregon Opioid Tapering Task Force over the past few months.

Yet I haven’t seen any warning that this was happening. By acting at the last minute of the workweek, they managed to sneak this past what would normally be loud protests if people know the decision was close.  Continue reading

Anti-Opioid “Expert” Paid $$$’s for Testimony

J&J’s lawyers note opioids researcher being paid hundreds of thousands for testimony in Oklahoma trial By John Sammon – June 18, 2019

I just can’t resist posting more of the news coming from the trial that Kolodny is starring in.

Attorneys defending Johnson & Johnson on Monday fended off accusations their client caused an addiction crisis and shifted attention onto Purdue Pharma, while also noting a plaintiffs expert is being paid upward of $500,000 for his testimony.

He’s quite the hypocrite, accusing pain patient groups of being mere “fronts” for the pharmaceutical opioid sellers from which they accept donations. I’m delighted to see his testimony dismissed as the unhinged anti-opioid zealotry it really is.  Continue reading

J&J moves to strike Kolodny testimony

At opioid trial, Johnson & Johnson moves to strike Oklahoma witness as ‘de facto member of State’s legal team’By Dan Fisher – June 2019

I was thrilled when I saw this so I’m posting it quickly without much comment. I think we might finally be seeing the undoing of our prime tormentor, Andrew Kolodny.

Johnson & Johnson has asked the judge overseeing the first in an expected wave of trials against the opioid industry to strike the testimony of Dr. Andrew Kolodny, a psychiatrist who plays a central role in the State of Oklahoma’s case by linking narcotics marketing to opioid addiction and overdose deaths.

Calling Dr. Kolodny “a de facto member of the State’s legal team,” J&J said Oklahoma gave the Brandeis University researcher unfettered access to some 90 million internal documents obtained through discovery and used his expert testimony to

  • “pollute the trial record with rampant hearsay,
  • rank speculation, and
  • the State’s own take on the evidence.”

Continue reading

WA State condemns inappropriate treatment of pain

Finally, some good news: the State of Washington has issued an “Interpretive Statement” to officially condemn doctors unwilling to effectively treat pain, even when that includes opioid therapy, and to clarify that:

appropriate pain management is the responsibility of the treating practitioner and the inappropriate treatment of pain, including lack of treatment, is a departure from the standard of care.”

This is a complete turn-around from the stringent restrictions this state was one of the first to enact. Jane Ballantyne, MD, and Roger Chou, MD, two of the “experts” who worked on the CDC guideline, are both from the University of Washington, so I’m astonished that the same state is now backing off from their extreme anti-opioid views.

Will wonders never cease… Continue reading