Physical Therapy for EDS: Warning

Physical Therapy can damage our already defective connective tissues, so it is best to find a therapist who has experience with Hypermobility and/or Connective Tissue Disorders.

Such therapists are very rare, so it’s best you learn about the potential dangers yourself before you start with a therapist. Be prepared to say “no” to some of their recommendations.

Here are some articles on physical therapy and exercises from EDNF:

Physical Therapy: Restorative Rehabilitation Based on Holistic Whole-body Approach

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Physical Therapy, and Exercise

How Physical Therapy Can Decrease Your Pain While Living With EDS

Achieving Successful Outcomes in Physical Therapy

Intelligent Exercise – How You Can Take Control With EDS

Hypermobility: Getting Healthy,Improving Function & Strength sentation_2slidesS.pdf

Aquatic Exercise: Benefits and Principles for the EDS Population e_2012_3notesS.pdf

Pilates: What Can It Offer the EDS Patient? S.pdf

Women: Understanding, Preventing, and Managing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction S.pdf

From the newsletter “Loose Connections” in the article “Pain and Managing Pain from an EDS Patient’s View” starting on page 11, he discusses Physical Therapy in particular starting on page 13: 2012_Spring_rev.pdf

And here’s a thread on the support forum: physical-therapy-dos-and-donts-in-eds/

5 thoughts on “Physical Therapy for EDS: Warning

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  4. EDSFamily

    I can’t see the ednf website. I’m trying to tell my doctor why Pt is so scary for me. The last time I had it I suffered a hamstring in injury from passive massage. If this point so many if this point so many doctors are being dumped by patients are being dumped by doctors that most who are accepting may have one or two Eds patients – but they are making the same mistakes with them as they intend to with me and do not seem to believe me despite the injury being documented by the previous therapist.

    Can you direct me to some articles of that directly address why physical therapy is dangerous?


    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      There’s a good discussion about PT and EDS on the forums:

      I assume you’re looking at the page The Ehlers-Danlos Society changed their website from to a while back so old links don’t work. However, you could search for the listed articles and/or authors on the new site where all the articles were moved.

      Let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for – I could try to track down some more information about this when I have more time.



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