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Chronic Pain Rehab Reduces Central Sensitization

Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program Reduces Central Sensitization – Pain Medicine News – July 2017

Patients with chronic pain who participated in an interdisciplinary chronic pain rehabilitation program achieved a significant reduction in central sensitization, according to a preliminary assessment.

When managing the most refractory of chronic pain patients in clinical practice, “we have noticed high overlap in various conditions like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic pain, migraine, temporomandibular joint disorder and back pain,said principal investigator Xavier Jimenez, MD, medical director of the Cleveland Clinic Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program

“patients seem to improve with interdisciplinary chronic pain rehabilitation program (iCPRP) treatment,” Dr. Jimenez said.   Continue reading

Mainstream Medicine Smitten by Hocus-Pocus

Mainstream medicine is partly to blame for the ‘treatments’ Goop promotes By Arthur Caplan and Timothy Caulfield – August 2, 2017

It is easy to mock the ridiculous and potentially harmful health advice and product lines promoted by Gwyneth Paltrow and her team at Goop.

Sleeping near healing crystals, lugging around jade eggs in the vagina, swilling moon juice, undergoing raw goat milk cleanses, dabbing on sex dust, and snapping photos of your aura are just some of the ridiculous treatments and remedies offered at high prices to those looking for health ideas from a movie star.

How does this company and other equally daffy outfits pull off these highly lucrative health scams?

Mainstream medicine is partly to blame.   Continue reading

What Used to Be Fraud Is Now Alternative Medicine

‘What Used to Be Fraud Is Now Alternative Medicine’ | Medpage Today | by F. Perry Wilson MD, MSCEF. Perry Wilson MD, MSCE June 28, 2017

I’m appalled at how the government is pushing unproven “alternative” treatments as substitutes for proven and effective opioid therapy. Here are the most pertinent parts of the interview (you can listen to the podcast of it at the link above).

As a physician, Novella has spoken out against homeopathy, acupuncture, and other alternative medicine modalities, based on a lack of robust evidentiary support or prior plausibility.

I had the chance to speak with Novella in the studios at Yale. We discussed a wide variety of topics ranging from the public’s view of science and scientists to interacting with patients who hold nonscientific beliefs.   Continue reading

Eight slogans that quacks love to use

Eight slogans that quacks love to use: if you hear these, find a proper doctor | Spectator Health | by Professor Edzard Ernst | Aug 16, 2016

In the first of this two-part article, I discussed six popular tricks of the quackery trade.

Some readers pointed out that these ploys are not exclusively used in alternative medicine. I agree.

Quacks are everywhere, and unfortunately conventional medicine has its fair share of charlatans as well. Yet I would nevertheless suggest that the ploys mentioned in part one and the eight discussed below are more often used in alternative than in mainstream medicine.   Continue reading

Confessions of a Quack – Holistic Harry

Here’s a delightful story for your weekend reading. It’s about a doctor who, after practicing holistic medicine for years, “loses it” and turns to the more scientifically rigorous “modern medicine” instead:

Confessions of a Quack

(Also known as the “The Adventures of Holistic Harry”)

It’s written like a novel, so it’s a pleasure to read.

The article below gives good excerpts if you don’t want to read the whole “book”.

Confessions of a Quack: Holistic Harry Tells the Inside Story of Alternative Medicine – Science-Based Medicine – May 2017   Continue reading

Beneficial Effects of Low-Dose Radiation

Evidence That Lifelong Low Dose Rates of Ionizing Radiation Increase Lifespan in Long- and Short-Lived Dogs – PMC5347275 – Feb 2017

After the 1956 radiation scare to stop weapons testing, studies focused on cancer induction by low-level radiation.

Since longevity is a measure of health impact, this analysis reexamined data to compare the effect of dose rate on the lifespans of short-lived (5% and 10% mortality) dogs and on the lifespans of dogs at 50% mortality. The data came from 2 large-scale studies. One exposed 10 groups to different γ dose rates; the other exposed 8 groups to different lung burdens of plutonium

Reexamination indicated that normalized lifespans increased more for short-lived dogs than for average dogs, when radiation was moderately above background.  Continue reading

Quackery infiltrating scientific journals like BMJ

Quackery infiltrates The BMJ – Science-Based MedicineDavid Gorski – May 22, 2017  

Is LACK of EVIDENCE the same as/equate to QUAKERY?

We here have long lamented the creeping infiltration of quackery into medical academia in which modalities once considered quackery, such as

  • acupuncture,
  • reiki, naturopathy,
  • homeopathy, and
  • various other dubious treatments,

have found their way into what should be bastions of science-based medicine (SBM).   Continue reading

Top US hospitals aggressively promoting alternative medicine

Medicine with a side of mysticism: Top hospitals promote unproven therapies – By CASEY ROSS @byCaseyRoss, MAX BLAU @maxblau, and KATE SHERIDAN @sheridan_kate – Mar 2017

I know that various unusual therapies work for some people some of the time (myself included), but they are truly a hit and miss proposition.

They’re among the nation’s premier medical centers, at the leading edge of scientific research.

Yet hospitals affiliated with Yale, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and other top medical research centers also aggressively promote alternative therapies with little or no scientific backing.

They offer “energy healing” to help treat multiple sclerosis, acupuncture for infertility, and homeopathic bee venom for fibromyalgia. A public forum hosted by the University of Florida’s hospital even promises to explain how herbal therapy can reverse Alzheimer’s. (It can’t.)  Continue reading

Patient perspectives on opioids and alternative treatments

Provider and patient perspectives on opioids and alternative treatments for managing chronic pain: a qualitative study – Mar 2017 – free full-text PMC article

The objective of this study was to identify the practical issues patients and providers face when accessing alternatives to opioids, and how multiple parties view these issues.

We identified four themes around opioid use:

(1) attitudes toward use of opioids to manage chronic pain;
(2) the limited alternative options for chronic pain management;
(3) the potential of A/C
(acupuncture and chiropractic) care as a tool to help manage pain; and
(4) the complex system around chronic pain management.

Continue reading

Spinal Manipulation Therapy – A Sham Procedure?

Spinal Manipulation Therapy – A Sham Procedure? | Medpage Today | Apr 2017

Proponents have proclaimed a slew of benefits of spinal manipulation therapy, but most data is anecdotal. Spinal manipulation therapy is one of those treatments that just thrives on anecdote.

If you’re like me, you’re skeptical about some of the claims certain providers make about spinal manipulation. Mostly because a lot of these claims lack biologic plausibility

So I was intrigued to see this meta-analysis appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Association of Spinal Manipulative Therapy With Clinical Benefit and Harm for Acute Low Back Pain: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.   Continue reading