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Borderline personality disorder among chronic pain patients?

This “study” is so garbled it would be comical if it weren’t insinuating that chronic pain patients are mentally ill.  Notice the uncorrected misspelling of the very first word, which is supposed to be “AAPM”

FAAPM [?] 36th Annual Meeting Scientific Poster Abstracts annualmeeting.painmed.org | #AAPM2020 505 | Psychosocial Borderline personality features among patients with chronic non-cancer pain, barrier versus unexploited targets for effective pain management: a systemic review

Because two pain-oriented medical websites both had fairly demeaning (to pain patients) articles about the implications of this “abstract”, and it was deemed significant enough to be presented at this renowned pain association’s annual meeting, I decided to take a closer look.

It’s a total mess.

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The bias that can cause catastrophe

The bias that can cause catastrophe – BBC WorklifeBy David Robson
– Oct 2019

This article shows how a cognitive error can, and does, cause much misery for those who must suffer the consequences. I think we see a lot of this in our medical care with doctors who see a positive outcome one time expect the same positive outcome in every following case, making it very difficult for any “non-standard” patients to get appropriate care.

Imagine a pilot is taking a familiar flight along a known route, during which the weather takes a turn for the worst. She knows that flying through the storm comes with some serious risks – and according to her training, she should take a detour or return. But she has flown the same route before, in similar weather – and she hadn’t experienced any problems then. Should she continue? Or should she turn back?

If you believe that she is safe to fly on, then you have fallen for a cognitive quirk known as the “outcome bias”.   Continue reading