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Pregabalin Rectifies Aberrant Brain Chemistryń

Brain imaging reveals dynamic changes caused by pain medicines | University of Michigan Health System – University of Michigan – 2013 (no longer available online in 2019. This is a repost with new relevance)

…the implication is that at least one factor in chronic pain can now be visualized by computer imaging.  Pregabalin (Lyrica) soothes the insula, and the changes in insula activity and corresponding decreasing pain levels were made visible for the first time.

So far, we’ve only had static images of brains to compare those of people with chronic pain to those who are pain-free, but now we can compare the changes as they happen in a single individual.  Continue reading

Pain severity associated with weakness in FM

Pain severity is associated with muscle strength and peak oxygen uptake in adults with fibromyalgia – free full-text PMC4014369/ – 2014 May

I find this relationship of muscular weakness with pain in my own bouts of cycling: the more pain I have, the less I’m able to push the pedals. My pain seems to depress many aspects of my physical functioning, so this study only reinforces what I  suspect many of us have experienced.

The associations between pain, lower extremity strength, and aerobic conditioning have not been widely investigated in adults with fibromyalgia (FM).

The principle objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between pain severity and knee strength in patients seeking treatment for FM. Continue reading

Toxic Positivity and Chronic Illness

“Just Be Positive!” Toxic Positivity, ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia – Health Rising by Lori Madeira and Cort Johnson | May 2019

In the face of a chronic illness, our friends and family can resort to simple solutions:just try and be positive they might advise. Look on the bright side. Focus on what you can do.

It’s not bad advice, but it often comes across as out of place and hurtful for someone with a chronic illness.

The truth is that you can’t experience real joy or peace on top of misery.

I’m so glad to see this truth we live with stated so plainly.  Continue reading

Weak Motor Cortex may lead to Pain in FM & ME/CFS

Bad Engine? Is a Wimpy Motor Cortex Causing the Pain in Fibromyalgia (and ME/CFS)? – Health Risingby Cort Johnson | Apr 2019

Studies suggest it’s possible that every [problematic] aspect of muscle activity – from oxygen uptake by the muscles, to mitochondrial functioning, to lactate build up, to the ability of the muscles to relax, to problems with the microcirculationare present to some degree in fibromyalgia.

Every time you pick up a pen, hit a key on a keyboard, or turn on your smartphone, the premotor and supplementary motor areas of your motor cortex plan the movement first

Then your primary motor cortex sends a message to the muscles to act.    Continue reading

Low Energy Production and Pain in Fibromyalgia

Low Energy Production and Pain in Fibromyalgia – Is Your Microcirculation To Blame? – Health Rising – https://www.healthrising.org – by Cort Johnson | May 25, 2014

Exercise is highly recommended as an adjunct therapy in fibromyalgia. 

Those of us with fibromyalgia know how extremely difficult this becomes. Our bodies seem to resist us with all their might and this article offers a possible explanation.

A 2010 review of exercise studies found that ‘slight to moderate’ intensity aerobic exercise sessions done two to three times a week worked best, and that appropriate levels of exercise result in improved fitness but only modestly improved pain.   Continue reading

Complex Chronic Pain Disorders

Complex Chronic Pain Disorders By Don L. Goldenberg, MD – Feb 2019

The pathophysiology of and approaches to 3 commonly seen pain conditions: CRPS, EDS, and SFN.

  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS),
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), and
  • small fiber neuropathy (SFN)

are three important and complex chronic pain disorders.   Continue reading

Should We Believe Patients With Pain?

Should We Believe Patients With Pain? – Nov 2018 – by Cmdr John Burke

I recently came across an article about the symptoms that patients with fibromyalgia suffer and the likelihood of their committing suicide.

The rate of suicide is potentially very high, and the prospect of someone we know and love suffering from this disease and considering this drastic action seems plausible.

I have a very close family member and a good friend who both suffer from this disease. The associated pain has been described as excruciating, and they pray that the symptoms pass quickly, meaning in a few days, not hours.   Continue reading

Over Half of Fibromyalgia Patients have Spinal Defects

Clinical evidence for cervical myelopathy due to Chiari malformation and spinal stenosis in a non-randomized group of patients with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia | SpringerLink – April 2004

While patients with fibromyalgia report symptoms consistent with cervical myelopathy, a detailed neurological evaluation is not routine.

We sought to determine if patients with fibromyalgia manifest objective neurological signs of cervical myelopathy.

I had never heard of this link between fibromyalgia and cervical myelopathy so this would be consistent with the theory that many fibromyalgia patients actually have EDS, which also leads to such types of cervical problems.

It seems this excellent information from over 10 years ago has been ignored by the medical establishment.   Continue reading

Pediatric Fibromyalgia

Pediatric Fibromyalgia – By David D. Sherry, – Cara Hoffart – 2013

This article claims to be an overview of pediatric fibromyalgia but to me, it sounds like doctors are being told to ignore the pain because it’s just psychogenic pain, generated by a psychiatric disorder.

This is how they used to treat adults with FMS too, but adults pushed back and insisted on more research and evidence. Now it’s known that fibromyalgia is a “real” physical issue which includes brain inflammation.

That only makes this article seem crueler when it insists that children with diffuse pain are suffering from a mental, not physical, problem. This whole article conflates fibromyalgia with diffuse amplified pain, which is considered a mental disorder, not a medical issue, a classic example of gaslighting: psychologically manipulating someone so that they question their memories, perception, or sanity Continue reading

Fibromyalgia patients have brain inflammation

PET scans show fibromyalgia patients have inflammation in the brain – Oct. 5, 2018 – By Serena Gordon, HealthDay News

“Finding an objective neurochemical change in the brains of people who are used to being told that their problems are imaginary is pretty important,” explained senior study author Marco Loggia.

I think this is wonderful news. The public usuallly believes that fibromyalgia isn’t a “real” condition, so our suffering from the chronic pain it causes is dismissed as “psychological”. We still can’t detect or measure the pain, but now there’s a way to objectively detect one syndrome/disease that’s causing it.

The new research used an advanced imaging test called positron emission tomography, or PET, and looked at 31 people with fibromyalgia and 27 healthy “controls” from Boston and Stockholm, Sweden.  Continue reading