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Counterfeit prescription pills made of fentanyl

Counterfeit prescription pills made of fentanyl are killing Americans: DEA – ABC News – By Samara Lynn – Nov 2019 

The Drug Enforcement Administration issued a warning on Monday about counterfeit prescription pills, saying the pills are “killing Americans.”

Perhaps if the DEA allowed patients to access their usual pain-relieving medications, they wouldn’t need to get them from the black market.

“Mexican drug cartels are manufacturing mass quantities of counterfeit prescription pills containing fentanyl,” according to a press release from the DEA.   Continue reading

Fentanyl: Separating Fact from Fiction

Fentanyl: Separating Fact from FictionPractical Pain ManagementLast updated on: April 12, 2019

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to report increasing opioid-related deaths despite declining rates of opioid prescribing.

Dramatically on the rise is the role of illicit synthetic fentanyl derivatives. These potent Schedule I drugs have dwarfed deaths from prescription-opioid overdose deaths, even among those that possess prescription opioids from a nonmedical source

Part of the discrepancy is that overdose deaths are frequently reported through ICD-10 codes, based on the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, which do not allow for delineation of overdoses by

  • a legitimately prescribed opioid versus
  • an illicit opioid, versus
  • a combination of these and/or other non-opioid sedative hypnotics.

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Most heroin addicts didn’t start with Rx pain pills

The White House drug czar is wrong: Most heroin addicts didn’t start with prescribed pain pills – Written by  /  – July 2019

As part of its campaign to stem opioid addiction and overdoses, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP — the drug czar’s office) has launched an education campaign called The Truth About Opioids, but some of the material it is presenting has more than a whiff of spin to it — and could imperil the ability of pain patients to get the relief they need.

I’m furious that they call it “the Truth” when it only spreads the big lie about the overdose crisis being from prescribed pain medications.

The website declares in big, bold letters that “80% of heroin users started with a prescription painkiller, [NOT!] and highlights the words “80%,” “heroin,” “started,” and “prescription” in lurid purple.    Continue reading

Overdoses usually involve multiple drugs

Opioid crisis? It’s more complex than that: Study shows fatalities usually involve multiple drugs – The Boston Globeby Felice J. Freyer Globe Staff – June 2019

More of the media is starting to change their “heroin pills” stories to more realistic coverage of the overdose crisis.

It may be time to stop talking about the “opioid crisis.” Not because the crisis is over — some five people a day continue to die of overdoses in Massachusetts. But a new analysis reveals that opioids are far from the only problem:

The vast majority of people who died of opioid-related overdoses in the state had taken other drugs along with heroin and fentanyl, including stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine. Only 17 percent had taken opioids and nothing else.    Continue reading

Illegal drug users rewarded as pain patients suffer

Oregon’s illegal drug users rewarded as chronic pain patients suffer – by Dr. Darryl George – Jan 2019

This article points out that the supposed targets of the “war on drugs” are actually rewarded while pain patients are punished.

As a general practitioner, I have seen the “good,” the “bad,” and the “ugly” of the “opioid epidemic.”

The “good” happens when patients are stabilized on their analgesics and able to return to work or volunteer and regain a better quality of life.    Continue reading

Heroin Pills Are Now A Reality

Heroin Pills Are Now A Reality – Is Andrew Kolodny Finally Happy? – By Josh Bloom – Feb 2019

Sometimes a few words are worth 1,000 words.

“When we talk about opioid pain medicines, we’re essentially talking about heroin pills.”
-Andrew Kolodny “Understanding the Basics about Prescription Painkillers.” PBS, 1/17/18

Andrew Kolodny, a psychiatrist, who, despite his ignorance of even the most fundamental principles of pharmacology, is routinely cited as an expert in all matters pertaining to opioid use.

It is not difficult to demonstrate this ignorance. His “heroin pill” crusade does the job quite well.   Continue reading