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Industry-Funded Studies and the Skewing of America

I stumbled across this interesting publication that’s dedicated to reporting on the “cheating” that goes on as our country moves to privatize more and more services

Tarbell uncovers how powerful people and companies use their influence to shape a system that works for them, not you. We highlight solutions to pressing problems.

This puts our lives in the hands of corporations whose “moral imperative” is to make money for their shareholders, while all other goals and concerns (like patient outcomes) exist only in service of this “prime directive”.  Continue reading

Addiction Rehab Corruption and Profiteering

How rehab recruiters are luring recovering opioid addicts into a deadly cycleJULIA LURIE @julia_lurie – MARCH/APRIL 2019 ISSUE

This Twitter stream by the author summarizes this excellent article exposing the corruption and profiteering going on in “addiction rehabilitation treatments”.

1/ I spent 9 months examining the wide, wide world of rehab. It all started when a mom called to tell me her son had been “brokered” across the country to rehab. She was panicked and desperate, and tbh I didn’t really know what she was talking about. https://www.motherjones.com/crime-justice/2019/02/opioid-epidemic-rehab-recruiters/   Continue reading

Guidelines, Pharma, And The Biological Paradigm Shift

Guidelines, Editors, Pharma And The Biological Paradigm Shift – free full-text /PMC3192391/ – Dec 2007

Private investment in biomedical research has increased over the last few decades. At most places it has been welcomed as the next best thing to technology itself.

Much of the intellectual talent from academic institutions is getting absorbed in lucrative positions in industry.

Applied research finds willing collaborators in venture capital funded industry, so a symbiotic growth is ensured for both.

Already in 2007, money was exerting a powerful influence. By now, it’s becoming clear that financial interests are shaping (and often corrupting) the proper practice of medicine.  Continue reading

Motivated Reasoning Is Disfiguring Social Science

Motivated Reasoning Is Disfiguring Social Science – Quilletteby Chris Ferguson – Feb 2019

I think “motivated reasoning” is usually “financially motivated reasoning” when a financial interest motivates a researcher to “discover” findings that support their source of funding.

This also drives today’s increasingly common “research bias” which I’ve covered in several previous posts: https://edsinfo.wordpress.com/tag/research-bias/.

Many people in the general public believe that organizations such as the APA or American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are neutral, objective scientific organizations or that they are even part of the government.

From the “opioid crisis,” we’ve learned that neutrality and objectivity hardly exist anymore. Thanks to the corporatization of medicine, profit has become its highest goal and money interests are corrupting scientific researchContinue reading

Whatever Happened To Science?

Whatever Happened To Science? – Interscan Corporation – By   Michael D. Shaw – Oct 2013

For the Baby Boomers, born under the halo of victory in World War II, and into the 1950s, one of the key themes was the promise of Science. However, as the 1960s played out and the public’s respect for all manner of once cherished institutions began to crumble. Science too was put under scrutiny.

Its great promise and past accomplishments now forgotten, the accounting was done, and on the bottom line were frightful weapons systems, nuclear waste, and napalm.

Notably, confidence in Science continues to erode, even though more money than ever is being spent on it.    Continue reading

Healthcare market model destroying healthcare professions

Why a market model is destroying the safeguards of the professions | Aeon Ideas – by Lisa Herzog – Jan 2019

The young doctor was desperate. ‘I need to talk to my patients,’ she said, ‘and give them time to ask questions. Some of them are foreign-born and struggle with the language, and all of them are in distress! But I hardly have the time to explain the essentials to them. There’s all the paperwork, and we’re constantly understaffed.’

Such grievances have become sadly familiar – not only in medicine, but also in education and care-work.

The imperatives of productivity, profitability, and the market rule.

These imperatives are all monetary with financial gain as the highest priority while ALL other outcomes are subsumed in the pursuit of profit.    Continue reading

Pharma Companies Pay To Publish in Journals

This Is The Sickening Amount Pharmaceutical Companies Pay Top Journal Editors – Fiona MacDonald – Apr 2018

It’s no secret that scientists can be corrupted – in the past, researchers have purposefully hidden data on climate change, and the dangers of sugar, just to name a few.

But while people can be bought, the scientific method itself – the idea that a hypothesis must be observed, tested, replicated, and the results then published in a peer-reviewed journal – has always remained a beacon of objectivity, assumedly free of bias by its very nature.

Unfortunately, in recent years scientific publishing has been running into serious trouble.

This is exactly what I’ve been seeing too. I used to believe that scientific studies were impartial and truthful, but since the opioid crisis, I’m finding countless studies intensely searching for and reporting the most obscure negative effects of opioid medications to support the current drug-war against opioids.  See Opioids Blamed for Side-Effects of Chronic Pain.   Continue reading

The old days of medicine are gone

The old days of medicine are gone – Michael Weiss, MD | KevinMD | Physician | Jan 2019

In the last decade, specifically in the last five to six years, we have seen the gradual disempowerment of America’s physicians as well as their unfortunate patients.

We and our doctors are targeted by the DEA’s endless and ineffective drug war now against opioids when they can’t even tell the difference between legitimate prescriptions and street drugs.

Starting with health management organizations, managed care, all the way to the insurance exchange, doctoring has been forcefully wrestled away from physicians only to be placed into the hands of large insurers, administrators and the United States government.  

Law enforcement and other medical no-nothings are now controlling our pain management instead of our doctors. Continue reading

Current Status of Anti-Nerve Growth Factor for Pain

Current Status of Nerve Growth Factor Antibodies for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis Pain – free full-text /PMC6007861/ – Jun 2018

Blockade of nerve growth factor (NGF) with antibodies is a promising strategy for treatment of chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis (OA).

Promising according to who?

all reported trials have been funded by the pharmaceutical industry and there are no independently funded trials listed in http://www.clinicaltrials.gov nor are there independent data.

This is the conundrum of drug development. Only those who stand to profit will pay for the expensive research and trials, yet those are exactly the entities most motivated to use “gamed” statistics and produce biased results.   Continue reading

Rx insurance denials without viewing patient records

State launches Aetna probe after stunning admission – CNN – by Wayne Drash, CNN – Feb 2018

This is no surprise to me, except that the medical director relied on nurses to collect data and make recommendations. Even that work will soon be automated to save money.

California’s insurance commissioner has launched an investigation into Aetna after learning a former medical director for the insurer admitted under oath he never looked at patients’ records when deciding whether to approve or deny care.

“If the health insurer is making decisions to deny coverage without a physician actually ever reviewing medical records, that’s of significant concern to me as insurance commissioner in California — and potentially a violation of law,” he said.   Continue reading