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DEA’s Targeting of Doctors and Pharmacies

Opinion: A Reaction to DEA’s Efforts to Target Pharmacies with ‘Unusual’ Opioid Prescription Rates

In response to “Sessions: DEA to Target Pharmacies, Prescribers in Crackdown” as published in The Hill, it should be obvious to responsible medical clinicians that Sessions and colleagues are naïve to the complex and biopsychosocial, medical, and pharmaceutical paradigms that are actually driving the opioid epidemic.

The article states that in 2016 there were “at least 66,000 deaths from overdoses reported, including 42,249 deaths from opioids. Opioid overdose deaths now kill more Americans every year than breast cancer, according to the latest statistics from the CDC.”  

Adding together 1. prescription medication use and 2. illicit drug abuse in the same number hides which of these two is causing the problem. Continue reading


Advil Does NOT Work As Well As Opioids

Advil Works As Well As Opioids For Acute Pain? Not So Fast | American Council on Science and Health – Nov 2017 by Josh Bloom

Again, a study is set up in a way that guarantees the results are negative for the use of opioids. It seems this is the only kind of opioid study being funded in these days of anti-opioid hysteria.

Taken at face value, a new JAMA article entitled “Effect of a Single Dose of Oral Opioid and Nonopioid Analgesics on Acute Extremity Pain in the Emergency Department (ED) A Randomized Clinical Trial,” makes it seem clear that ibuprofen (Advil), when combined with acetaminophen (Tylenol), works as well as opioid drugs such as Vicodin or Percocet for relief of severe pain in emergency room patients.

All is not what it seems. This is because of dose. Let’s take a look.  Continue reading

Scientists concerned about inner workings of CDC

SPIDER Bites CDC | HuffPost – Oct 2017 – By Carey Gillam

Concerns about the inner workings of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been mounting in recent months amid disclosures of cozy corporate alliances.

Now a group of more than a dozen senior scientists have reportedly lodged an ethics complaint alleging the federal agency is being influenced by corporate and political interests in ways that short-change taxpayers.

Though this complaint isn’t related to the opioid guidelines, it shows the rot infesting the CDC which is subverting science and producing corrupted data and industry-influenced reports.  Continue reading

The Opioid Crackdown: Have We Gone Too Far? (Part II)

The Opioid Crackdown: Have We Gone Too Far? Part II – November 15, 2017 – by Anne Fletcher

Common misconceptions and misinformation have fueled near hysteria about the so-called opioid “epidemic,” fed what’s been called a “civil war” within the medical profession, and downplayed concerns about other major drug problems.

Furthermore, misinterpretation of the widely followed 2016 “CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain – with its 12 “recommendations” for “determining when to initiate or continue opioids for chronic pain” – has left some chronic pain patients feeling defenseless against their agony.   Continue reading

2016 Deaths per Day & Causes: Few Rx Overdoses

From Twitter Dystopian Novelist‏ @dystopiannovel:

2016 deaths per day & cause:

  • 16,850 heart disease
  • 16,500 cancer
  • 1,315 tobacco*
  • 1,205 preventable hospital errors
  • 684 medical error
  • 175 OD (all drugs)
  • 121 suicide
  • 109 car accident
  • 101 alcohol*
  • 98 gun
  • 59 Fentanyl*
  • 41 heroin*
  • ~40 CPP* suicide
  • 39 Rx opioid*
  • <10 legal Rx opioid only OD

* related


Mindfulness as Panacea for all Ills

Unintended consequences of universal mindfulness training for schoolchildren – Coyne of the Realm – by James C Coyne November 16, 2016

The UK is following the U.S. lead in forcing their doctors to prescribe fewer opioids and send everyone to mindfulness training instead. Both governments have anointed “mindfulness” and/or “meditation” as the cure-all for both physical and mental problems.

It is becoming clear that increasing numbers of people are descending into addiction as a response to the chronic debt, unemployment, and pain brought on by the ruthless winner-take-all culture in both countries,

Instead of tackling the difficult task of easing regressive economic policies, putting in place a better social safety net, and repairing the broken medical system, various forms of “mindfulness” and/or “meditation” are currently being promoted for all unhappy citizens (not just those in pain).   Continue reading

Opioid Guidelines Increase Suffering And Death

America’s Current Guidelines For Fixing The Opioid Crisis Will Increase Suffering And Death, Not Relieve It – by Kat Suricata – Oct 2017

Yesterday afternoon, President Trump declared America’s opioid crisis a public health emergency, and for good reason: the American Society of Addiction Medicine estimates that there’s nearly 2.6 million Americans with an opioid addiction, and the communities affected include some of our poorest and most vulnerable

The only problem:

  • current guidelines by the FDA and CDC are ineffective,
  • based on a factually‐faulty premise unsupported by evidence, and
  • will almost certainly increase suffering and death without significantly improving the numbers for opioid addiction. Continue reading

Efforts to Curtail Prescribing Are Backfiring

Opioid Crisis: Efforts to Curtail Prescribing Are Backfiring | National Review by Jeffrey A. Singer – October 25, 2017

This is noteworthy because it is published in a conservative magazine, which usually does little questioning of hard-line “law & order” policies.

For years now, federal and state authorities have focused on the supply side of the problem, targeting prescription-drug producers and providers. 

But new information suggests that this approach is driving opioid abusers away from illegally obtained prescription opioids and towards heroin, fentanyl, and mixtures of the two.

And this is increasing the death rate from drug abuse.   Continue reading

Misdiagnosing the Opioid Crisis

Misdiagnosing the Opioid Crisis | Cato Institute | By Jeffrey A. Singer | September 27, 2017

Here’s a doctor who truly understands that hounding doctors about opioid prescriptions is not only futile but harmful.

He outlines how outdated beliefs are driving our doomed and dangerous response to the “opioid overdose crisis”, pursuing policies that have been proven ineffective and even damaging.

Policymakers in Washington and in state capitals are misdiagnosing the opioid crisis as a doctor-patient problem.

Their policies are coming between doctors and patients Continue reading

Opioid Use Disorder in DSM-5

What Is Opioid Use Disorder in the New DSM-5?  – By Elizabeth Hartney, PhD – October 27, 2017

Opioid Use Disorder is a diagnosis introduced in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-5.

It combines two disorders from the previous edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the DSM-IV-TR, known as Opioid Dependence and Opioid Abuse, and incorporates a wide range of illicit and prescribed drugs of the opioid class.

Although the generic term, Opioid Use Disorder, is given in the DSM-5, the guidelines indicate that the actual opioid drug being used by the individual is specified in the diagnosis.   Continue reading