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Chronic Pain and the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide

Brief Report: Chronic Pain and the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide – free full-text article /PMC3998981/ – Rehabil Psychol. – Feb 2013

Although chronic pain is a known risk factor for suicide, few studies to date have tested specific predictions about suicidal ideation that are derived from theory.

The interpersonal theory of suicide proposes that the psychological constructs of

  • thwarted belongingness and
  • perceived burdensomeness

are unique and independent precursors to suicidal ideation. We tested this hypothesis in a clinical sample of patients with chronic pain.   Continue reading


We need a nuanced approach to opioids

Chronic pain sufferers plead for a nuanced approach to opioids (w/video) – February 9, 2018 – by Justine Griffin at  jgriffin@tampabay.com

Jacobovitz, 56, has suffered from chronic pain since a 1987 car accident. The Pasco County resident has had 73 surgeries since, from her neck to her ankles, and she has the scars to prove it. In December, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She says it’s impossible to function without popping a highly addictive painkiller with Acetaminophen and Oxycodone components, in the morning. Without it, she says, there are days she can’t get up at all. Or get to the bathroom in time. It can be humiliating.  Continue reading

Emotional toll of Chronic Pain can lead to suicide

Chronic pain’s emotional toll can lead to suicide  – By Lori Kurtzman & Mike Wagner, The Columbus Dispatch – Sep 4, 2016

Here are two journalists who really understand how chronic pain patients are being thrust into misery

There were brain surgeries and constant headaches, sleep binges that lasted for days. His right side partially frozen, Steven Lichtenberg could barely walk.

Then came Crohn’s disease, which caused regular bouts of diarrhea and nausea, leaving him keeled over. Eventually the chemo treatments, pain meds and surgeries stripped Lichtenberg of his ability to show emotion.

When life was darkest, he couldn’t even cry.

In May 2015, without warning to his loved ones, the 32-year-old Dublin man shot himself at his parents’ home.   Continue reading

VA Acknowledges Suicides

This comes from the advance notes of the 2018 National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit, more of which I’ll post later.

Surprising VA Data About Opioid Discontinuation, Overdose and Suicide: Clinical Implications –  Wednesday, April 4, 2018 – Stefan Kertesz, MD, MSc, Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham VA Medical Center

Despite recommendations within recent guidelines for patient-centered evaluation of the risks and benefits for prescribing opioids for chronic pain, there are concerns regarding the potential iatrogenic effects of initiatives from state regulators, insurers, payers and healthcare organizations that have presented mandates to reduce opioid doses or to discontinue those in patients who currently receive them.    Continue reading

Suicides from forced Opioid Reductions

Suicides Associated with
forced Opioid Pain Medication Reductions
2015 – Sept 2017


Phillip Kuykendall from Statesville, North Carolina was a 63 yr old man, an active member of society and hobbyist whose doctor refused to prescribe medication for his pain disease. After a stay in the hospital near Statesville where he went to have his pain disease assessed, he was discharged with no pain medicine.   Continue reading

Impact of VA opioid reduction on suicides

VA reps to discuss impact of opioid reduction on suicides during summit – By Nate Morabito Published: January 16, 2018

I’m thrilled to see this finally being brought to light and publicly discussed.


According to the summit’s agenda, those VA employees will discuss, among other things, Department of Veterans Affairs’ data that shows, “In two sets of fiscal years — 2010-2011 and 2013-2014 — opioid discontinuation was not associated with overdose mortality but was associated with increased suicide mortality.”

Someone finally made this an official issue, officially stated and officially documented. This is a small but significant first step.  Continue reading

Understanding Chronic Pain and Suicide

Understanding Chronic Pain and Suicide – Policy and Educational Brief Released – by PAINS Project – Dec 21, 2017

I’m glad to see that this organization is trying to make the public more aware that untreated chronic pain can drive people to suicide.

When people who are suffering constant relentless pain are deprived of their only effective pain relief, some feel they have little choice but to kill themselves to escape the misery they’ve been condemned to.

The question about the relationship between living with chronic pain and suicide is important to understand. Continue reading

Opioid Prescription Corrective Goes Too Far

Opioid Prescription Control: When The Corrective Goes Too Far – January 19, 2018 – Stefan G. Kertesz, Adam J. Gordon, Sally L. Satel

It’s frightening to see the medical profession cave in to government-mandated, politically informed standards of care.

Especially when our government is being led by the false propaganda that prescribed opioids are driving the “opioid overdose crisis”.

As a way to stem the harms associated with prescription opioids, many health care entities and state governments have imposed restrictions on opioid prescribing for acute and chronic pain, creating new problems that require both monitoring and remediation. Continue reading

Suicide Emerges In The Opioid Epidemic

Suicide Emerges In Understanding The Opioid Epidemic – Jan 2018 – Martha Bebinger

Measuring Suicide Among Patients Addicted To Opioids

Massachusetts, where Ohlman lives, began recognizing that some opioid overdose deaths are suicides in May 2017. The state says confirmed suicides are only about 2 percent of all overdose deaths, but Department of Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel says it’s very difficult to determine the person’s true intent.

“For one thing, medical examiners use different criteria for whether suicide was involved or not,” Bharel says, and the “tremendous amount of stigma surrounding both overdose deaths and suicide sometimes makes it extremely challenging to piece everything together and figure out unintentional and intentional.”   Continue reading

Unintended Consequences of Limiting Rx Opioids

Unintended Consequences of Limiting Prescribed Opioids – Dec 2017 by Lynn Webster, M.D.

Payers, legislators, and healthcare systems are implementing limits on how many pills may be dispensed to people with pain in an effort to curb the opioid crisis.

When it published its Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain in March of 2016, the CDC believed reducing the supply of opioids would lessen the potential for diverting drugs and decrease the number of drug overdoses.

However, as physicians have implemented the CDC’s recommendation on dose limits, the country has actually seen a dramatic increase in opioid overdoses.   Continue reading