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Why we should all give up on goals

BBC – Capital – Why we should all give up on goals already – Nov 2017 by Amanda Ruggeri

“The key for success is, if you have somewhere you’d like to be in five years, don’t be so attached to it that it drives everything you do.

It’s true that decades of research show that goals can get you to work harder, focus more and perform better.

But they also can kill your creativity, make you more likely to cheat, and less likely to thrive.   Continue reading

Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain (ATIP)

Together with several of his colleagues in the battle for pain patients’ rights, Richard “Red” Lawhern, Ph.D. recently unveiled a new organization,

Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain (ATIP)
ATIP on Facebook

This is a group of and for people willing to take an active part in changing the rules about pain treatment in this country, starting with lobbying to reject/repeal/replace the unscientific and biased CDC Opioid Prescribing Guideline. 

If you’re looking for a way to make your voice heard, ATIP can help you channel it effectively.  Continue reading

International Chronic Pain Conference to be Streamed Live

International Chronic Pain Conference for Clinicians and Patients to be Streamed Live | National Pain Report

The Inaugural 2015  TAP (Treating And Preventing) Chronic Pain Conference will be held this weekend (October 9 -10, 2015) in Arlington, Virginia.

Organized by the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association, and the International Myopain Society, the event will be streamed live so that anyone with an internet connection, who has purchased a Live Stream ticket, can have access. The ticket not only gains you access to the show as it is happening, but also provides a code that will allow users access to a recording of the conference, for viewing later at their convenience.   Continue reading

Thoughts on Pain Rehab

This post was prompted by another blogger’s article:

Drug rehabs are now called Pain Rehabilitation Programs | All Things Chronic

Oh, how I would love to stop taking all these darn pills – the opiates, the muscle relaxants, the anti-depressants, the anti-epileptics – all the types of medications the pain management field has to offer.

But when I look into pain rehab programs, I find their first priority isn’t to help with my pain, but simply to have me stop taking opiates. Classic bait and switch: you think you’re going to get better pain management, but instead, they take away your pain medication and teach you to “tolerate” the pain.

Well, thanks, but I already tried that at home for the last few decades.  Continue reading

CPATF | consumer pain advocacy task force

CPATF | consumer pain advocacy task force

Consumer Pain Advocacy Task Force (CPATF) is comprised of national leaders and decision-makers from 16 consumer-nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to patient well-being and supporting the use of effective methods for pain treatment. The State Pain Policy Advocacy Network (SPPAN) first convened these leaders in March 2014 to organize a collective action effort to benefit people with pain.

We share a sense of urgency that something needs to be done NOW! All members agree that the following beliefs are integral and should guide collective action:

  1. Chronic pain is a real and complex disease that may exist by itself or be linked with other medical conditions
  2. Chronic pain is an unrecognized and under resourced public health crisis with devastating personal and economic impact
  3. Effective pain care requires access to a wide range of treatment options
  4. Allowing people to suffer with unmanaged pain is immoral and unethical

Objectives: Continue reading

5 Easy-Care Houseplants for Your Chronic Pain Toolkit

5 Easy-Care Houseplants for Your Chronic Pain Toolkit | Pain Camp

Over the years I have gifted many cuttings of my “easy-care” houseplants to friends who swore they had a “black thumb”. To their surprise they have been successful at keeping them alive! About a year ago, I gave one to a dear pain camper friend. She found this very therapeutic and I explained how I use my houseplants and hobby of gardening as a tool for my Chronic Pain Toolkit.

Here are 5 of the easy-care houseplants that I’ve gifted from cuttings (which much success!):

  1. Epipremnum aureum
  2. Gynura aurantiaca
  3. Hoya
  4. Chlorophytum
  5. Aloe Vera

See the PainCamp site for descriptions of these plants and what care and feeding they need.

Living With A Chronic Pain: Tips For Patients And Families

Living With A Chronic Pain Patient: Tips For Patients And Families – Pain Doctor

They are often tired. Sometimes they are irritable and snap for no apparent reason. They may be depressed or anxious, and they may not want to do the things they used to enjoy. The kids might wonder why Mom or Dad never leave their bed, or why they are so sad. Care-giving family members might feel like they are the only ones helping in the household

Welcome to living with a chronic pain patient.

Living with a chronic pain patient can be complicated. The focus is on helping the patient get better, but in the meantime, caregivers are working hard to keep the household running. The truth is, both the patient and the family members need support in the struggle with chronic pain

Continue reading

Pain Care Advocacy in an Era of Opioid Abuse

Pain Care Advocacy in an Era of Opioid Abuse

Though this article sounds like it was written recently in response to the hydrocodone rescheduling, it was actually written two years ago. Even then, access to opiates was being threatened and it’s only gotten worse.

for individuals who legitimately require and benefit from opioids, the undertreatment of chronic long-term pain is a problem unrecognized even by those in healthcare due to the focus on opioid abuse. “The media generally does not report the issues around opioid use with accuracy, neutrality, and critical thinking. The tide has shifted from demonizing pain medication to demonizing people with pain, continuing the suffering of millions with untreated or undertreated pain,”

Prescribing opioids responsibly is a tricky balance since every patient and his or her pain is unique. In addition to being evaluated for symptoms and the potential for adverse side effects, pain sufferers must be evaluated for substance abuse potential, Barrett says.

Continue reading

US Pain Foundation letter of support to FDA

Drugwonks | FDA, Impact, and Opioids

The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest is honored to join the US Pain Foundation and other patient-centered organizations in offering our support to the FDA in general and Commissioner Hamburg specifically for savvy and strategic management of pain medicine regulation.

Why now? Well for starters because of the unfair, unbalanced, ad hominem and just plain erroneous attacks on the agency’s efforts.It’s all spelled out in this letter of support just sent to HHS Secretary  Burwell. It’s designed for impact.

Have a look and please share. This issue is too important to allow the lunatic fringe to drive the agenda.

The letter lays out the same facts and makes the same points that pain patients themselves are trying to make.  I hope this will help our efforts to push back against the barrage of anti-opiate media hype.

http://media.drugwonks.com/media/attachments/54328d342017a861f100003e.pdf?1412599092 Continue reading

Take Responsibility for Your Pain – Documentation

You and Your Pain – from the American Academy of Pain Medicine

Take Responsibility for Your Pain

The following tools are provided on the American Chronic Pain Association’s website, a collaborator with the American Academy of Pain Medicine.