Evidence Against CDC Guidelines

Top 3 articles with evidence against CDC Guidelines

  1. CDC Manipulated Data to Deceive
  2. CDC Guidelines Refuted with Scientific Evidence
  3. The Changing Opioid Epidemic: Not from Rx

CDC Manipulated Data to Deceive – November 29, 2016

Durations of Opioid, Nonopioid Drug, and Behavioral Clinical Trials for Chronic Pain: Adequate or Inadequate?

This commentary presents the case that the CDC manipulated the data it used as a basis for its opioid prescribing guidelines.

By imposing an arbitrary non-standard constraint and excluding some studies that were included in earlier reports, the CDC created a different interpretation by using a different set of data.

Objectives. A recent US federal review and clinical guideline on opioids for chronic pain asserted that the literature contributes no evidence on efficacy because all trials had “inadequate duration.”

CDC Guidelines Refuted with Scientific Evidence – September 8, 2016

Neat, Plausible, and Generally Wrong: A Response to the CDC Recommendations for Chronic Opioid Use – Medium Stephen A. Martin, MD, EdM; Ruth A. Potee, MD, DABAM ; and Andrew Lazris, MD

Finally, someone is standing up for the truth about opioids and pain patients. These three courageous M.D.s expose the CDC guidelines for the fraud […]

The Changing Opioid Epidemic: Not from xR  – November 22, 2016

Turning the Tide or Riptide? the Changing Opioid EpidemicStefan G. Kertesz – 18 Nov 2016

This rigorously sourced paper illustrates the absurdity and futility of the crackdown on prescribed pain medication.

Dr. Kertesz meticulously lays out the facts (backed by 50 references to scientific research) proving that opioid prescriptions to patients are not the primary driver of the increasing numbers of overdose deaths.

Restricting such prescriptions has only caused a crisis of untreated pain while doing absolutely nothing to treat the addiction and abuse at the root of most overdoses.

More Professional Critique of the Guidelines

“Research” Behind the CDC’s Opioid Guidelines – August 24, 2016

Tracking Down the “Research” Behind the CDC’s Opioid Prescribing Guidelines – National Pain Report – Aug 2016 – By Richard “Red” Lawhern, PhD I have tracked down some of the “research” behind the so-called CDC practice guidelines published in March 2016. And the research is an absolute CROCK! Particularly astounding is the biased and unscientific […]

Opioids, Pain and the CDC’s Guideline: Needs Improvement – January 24, 2016

Opioids, Pain and the CDC’s Guideline: Needs Improvement | by Stefan Kertesz Physician researcher These arguments against the CDC’s guidelines are specific, logically argued, and carefully thought out, explaining some aspects that seemed muddled, but are clear to a practicing doctor. The Centers for Disease Control report that 2014 saw a record of 18,893 deaths related to opioid […]

Professional Criticism of CDC Guidelines – April 25, 2016

CDC Issues Final Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing: PPM Editorial Board Responds This is a 6-page article, with some thoughtful criticism of the guidelines, addressing some of their striking shortcomings. The initial draft guidelines were met with sharp criticism from a number of medical organizations, including the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM), American Medical Association […]

Issues With the CDC Guidelines – October 3, 2016

The Issues With the CDC Guidelines on Opioids for Chronic Pain, According to AAPM’s Director by Florence Chaverneff, Ph.D. September 26, 2016 This article is noteworthy because of where it appears (in a publication mostly dedicated to parroting the CDC’s ideas) and who is speaking (BobTwillman, president of the American Association of Pain Management) In […]

CDC Opioid Guidelines–A Threat To Pain Patients’ Lives – September 27, 2015

These guidelines were designed to further curb opioid abuse. But in fact, they seem to be about arbitrarily curbing treatment. CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines–A Threat To Pain Patients’ Lives | Intractable Pain Journal  

CDC Guidelines Use Pseudoscience – April 17, 2016

How Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Use Pseudoscience — Pain News Network – By Michael Schatman and Jeffrey Fudin, Guest Columnists – March 30, 2016 Recently, we (along with our colleague, Dr. Jacqueline Pratt Cleary) published an open access article in the Journal of Pain Research, entitled “The MEDD Myth: The Impact of Pseudoscience on Pain Research […]

Long List of Flaws with CDC Guidelines – April 5, 2016

National Pain Strategy 0; Drug Wars 1 | Terri A. Lewis, Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling & Intern’l Prgms Cnsltnt at National Changhua University of Education | Mar 20, 2016 Ms. Lewis has organized the salient points of the current denigration (assault) of pain patients. Her bullet points help my frazzled mind understand what has happened […]

Draft CDC Opioid Guideline: Pain Medicine Experts Discuss – March 3, 2016

Below I’ve tried to limit this long discussion to its most meaningful statements. I spent much time highlighting and commenting on the most pertinent phrases, so I hope you find this post informative. This discussion gives an interesting view of how pain and pain […]

FDA Endorses Biased and Unscientific CDC Opioid Guidelines – February 14, 2016

FDA Endorses CDC Opioid Guidelines | February 04, 2016 | By Pat Anson, Editor In a move that may have more to do with politics than healthcare, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set aside the advice of its own experts by endorsing the CDC’s controversial guidelines for opioid prescribing The move is part […]

A Reviewer’s Analysis of the Draft CDC Guidelines – January 9, 2016

A Former Federal Peer Reviewer’s Analysis of the Draft CDC Guidelines | National Pain Report | December 30, 2015 | Brooke Lee Keefer In my former life prior to chronic pain and illness I had many important and fascinating jobs.  One was as a peer reviewer for the United States National Institutes for Health (NIH), Center for Mental […]

CDC Opioid Guidelines: Good, Bad, and Ugly – May 22, 2016

New CDC Opioid Guidelines: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Charles E. Argoff, MD – May 13, 2016 In this article, Dr. Argoff picks apart the guideline and explains which parts are relatively sound, and which are spurious. The guideline’s purpose is to: “improve communication between clinicians and patients about the risks and […]

Response to CDC Guidelines by FMS Assoc. – March 27, 2016

NFMCPA Response to CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines | March 13, 2016 | Jan Favero Chambers, President/Founder | National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association Today at noon I could hardly breathe. Hot tears fell on my cheeks, and a deep heartache filled my soul. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids 2016 was […]

Professional Criticisms of CDC Guidelines – March 24, 2016

Responses and Criticisms Over New CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines | March 18, 2016 In their statements, both the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) and the American Medical Association (AMA) first cautiously express approval of the CDC’s intentions (obviously intimidated) before diving into the glaring problems with the guidelines. I feel the worst part is the fixed […]

Docs Say CDC Opioid Guidelines Misguided – April 13, 2016

CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Misguided, Docs Say | Brandon Cohen | April 08, 2016 Recent guidelines handed down from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concerning the prescription of opioids have made waves among healthcare professionals. The CDC condemned the practice of prescribing these drugs in the vast majority of cases. Furthermore, these guidelines […]