Why it’s important to not ignore pain

Why it’s important to not ignore pain | Medicine | Kentucky.com – by Dr. Karim Rasheed

This is a commendable article in a community newspaper pointing out the hazard of untreated pain. Ironically, it comes from one of the most opioid-restrictive states in the US.

Here’s the thing: Anytime you experience pain it can affect the rest of your body. That means an escalation in your hormone levels, salt and sugar levels, heart rate, blood pressure — everything goes up.

Pain also makes you restless, which makes it hard to sleep well at night, and that makes you more aggravated in your daily life. Pain even lowers your immunity, making you vulnerable to infections.

It is no surprise that many patients postpone going to a doctor — especially for pain. In our culture, pain is part of our life, and many patients feel it is a sign of weakness to suffer from it. The irony is that the longer a patient suffers from pain, the more their body deteriorates because of it.

It may not feel good, but pain is good. Your body is telling you something — the truth. Listen to your pain. 

For more information about the damage pain can cause if untreated, see https://edsinfo.wordpress.com/tag/pain-damage/


2 thoughts on “Why it’s important to not ignore pain

  1. painkills2

    Lara Ashley-Carter said: “Chronic pain sufferers are not the weak, whiny people we are often perceived to be. In fact, they are some of the strongest and most stoic people I have ever met.”

    Perhaps doctors should prescribe stoicism as a treatment for chronic pain. Oh, wait…


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