CDC Opioid Guideline: Unintentional Consequences?

CDC Opioid Prescribing Guideline: Unintended Consequences? – July 2018 – By Angelika Byczkowski

I’m sick of reading how all the horrible and entirely predictable consequences of the CDC Opioid Prescribing Guideline were “unintentional” and “unforeseeable”.

The broad misinterpretation of the CDC’s Opioid Prescribing Guideline as establishing fixed limits on opioid prescribing has stranded hundreds of thousands of pain patients in agony without the effective relief they had achieved with opioids.

Yet we are expected to believe that these consequences were “unintentional” and “unforeseeable” by the guideline authors. Most pain patients realized right away that these “suggestions” would become codified rules, no matter how little evidence supported them–and we were even more right than we ever imagined.  …Continue reading article on National Pain Report


8 thoughts on “CDC Opioid Guideline: Unintentional Consequences?

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